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this is only the second packet he gave us

The literacy rate Americans in 1840 was about __ of the total population


Most of the institutions of higher learning founded in the 1830s were attached to a

religious denomination

The Declaration of Sentiments of the Senca Falls Convention said that

all men and women are created equal

The American Temperance Union lost most of its members in 1836 when it called for ____ from all alcoholic beverages


The Auburn Penitentiary was widely copied as a model for

prison reform

Dorothea Lynde Dix created her reform efforts at

insane asylums

argued that woman's sphere was the Home

Catherine Beecher

was the founder of the Oneida community

John Humphery Noyes

Members of the Shaker community followed

Mother Ann Stampley

founded Brooke Farm

George Ripley

included such figures as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin


The popularity of __ ___ could be associated with the Second Great Awakening

Camp meeting

was the founder of Mormanism

Joseph smith

Ralph Waldo EEmersoon

was a close friend of Henry Thoreau
authored the essay Self-Reliance
was a leading Transcendentalist

Harpers magazine, Niles Weekly Register, and North American Review were all leading ___ that came out in the pre-civil war period


The Oneida community became notorious its practice of

complete sexual freedom

Most of the utopian communities of the early 19th century quickly became

failures (throughout history socialism has failed EVERY time)

was described as a president without a party

John Tyler

The US military academy, US naval academy, and university of VA were all founded between

1800 and 1850

Prison reformers of the early 1800s saw a major objective of the penitentiary as


Williamm Henry Harrison was elected more on his ___ than his stance on the issues

military stance

The Creole Incident invloved the British freeing American Slaves after they had

mutinied and escaped

As a result of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, the boundary dispute in __ was resolved.


Of the current day Southwest states, The Spanish were most successful at colonizing

New Mexico

large-scale migration to the Oregon territory began in earnest in the early


Rancheros usually ysed Indians as


John Sutter established the trading post that became


By the 1830s there was so much commercial activity between Mexico and St. Louis that the Mexico silver peso had become the primary medium for exchange in


Mexico obtained its independence from Spain in


Most of the American settlers in Texas went there because of cheap ____ lands


The Mexican ban on American immigration to Texas was


The Battle of the Alamo inspired the rest of Texas to ____ resistance

Fanatical resistance

Mexico General Santa Anna was captured but won his freedom by agreeing to _____ for Texas


With the onset of the California gold rush in 1849, Plain Indians led by the Cheyenne, seized the opportunity to supply __ to the white pioneers

buffalo meat and skins

the phrase 54-40 or fight referred to


The "spot resolutions" were introduced to congress to oppose the

Mexican War

The Republic of Texasdeveloped trade relations with both

Britain and France

According to Henry Clay, the annexation of Texas was dangerous to the ___ of the union


George Donner led a group of settlers on the

Oregon Trail

James K. Polk won the 1844 Democratic nomination for President as a ___ ____ candidate

Dark Horse

In the presidential election of 1844 the popular vote was very


As President, Polk was opposed to the immediate

abolition of slavery

Future President James Buchannan, head of the Pennsylvania Democrats, declared that Martin Van Buren's stance against annexing Texas would cost him his party's


Residents of the ___ ___ supported the Mexican War.

Mississippi Valley

On March 1, 1845 John Tyler signed the resolution offering __ admittance as a state.


President Polk's grand strategy concerning General Zachary Taylor's men in Mexico was flawed because it wrongfully assumed that Taylor's men could live off the __ and would not need resupply


The American capture of Mexico City was led by

Winfield Sott

In the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo:

Mexico gave up all its claims to Texas
Mexico ceded California to the US
The US agreed to pay Mexico 15 million dollars

The Mexican War

was America's first successful offensive war
completed what is now the continental US through the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
lasted less than 2 years

As President, John Tyler vetoed a bill that would create a new

national bank

Manifest Destiny gave GOD's blessing to American


The Mission in California were operated by ___-

Franciscan Friars

The Santa Fe trail stretched about 1000 miles from santa Fe to

St. Louis

The most succesful promoter of American settlement in Texas was

Stephen F. Austin

Sam Houston's contribution to Texas' independence was his defeat of the mexican army at

San Jacinto

Congress voted to Annex Texas between Polk's election and his


The Mexican War erupted when Mexican and US troops clashed North of the

Rio Grande

As a result of his victoriess in Northern Mexico, the Mexican War made a hero of

Zachary Taylor

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