NYC Food Safety Exam Review and Quizes

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All food service establishments must have a current and valid permit issued by the NYC Health Department.


Health Inspectors have the right to inspect a food service or food processing establishment as long as it is in operation. Inspectors must be given access to all areas of establishment during an inspection.


Health Inspectors are authorized to collect permit fees and fines on behalf of the Department.


Health Inspectors must show their photo identification and badge to the person in charge of an establishment.


According to the NYC Health Code, who is required to have a Food Protection Certificate?


The term "potentially hazardous food" refers to foods which do not support rapid growth of microorganisms.


Home canned food products are allowed in commercial food establishments.


The Temperature Danger Zone is between 41°F and 140°F.


Within the Temperature Danger Zone, most harmful microorganisms reproduce rapidly.


Shellfish tags must be filed in order of delivery date and kept for a period of _____ days.


Fresh shell eggs must be refrigerated at an ambient temperature of: ______°F.


Foods in Modified Atmosphere Packages provide ideal conditions for the growth of:

clostridium botulinum

The recommended range of bi-metallic stem thermometer is:


Meat inspected by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture must have a/an: ____________ stamp.


Chicken and other poultry are most likely to be contaminated with:


Smoked fish provide ideal conditions for the growth of Botulinum spores. Therefore, this product must be stored at:_____°F


Safe temperatures for holding potentially hazardous foods are: _____°F or below and _____°F or above

41°F or below and 140°F or above

What are the four types of defective canned products that must be removed from circulation? ______, ______, _____, _____

rusted, dented, leaking, swollen

Which of the following is an indication that fish is not fresh?: _clear eyes _fishy odor _firm flesh

fishy odor

The acronym FIFO means:

First in, First Out

The first step in implementing FIFO is to rotate the stock.

False. Date products.

The New York City Health code requires that all food items must be stored at least ______ off the floor.

6 inches

In order to prevent cross-contamination, raw foods in a refrigerator must be stored ______ cooked foods.


Cold temperatures slow down the growth of microorganisms.


Food for storage must be kept covered and/or stored in vermin-proof containers.


Ice intended for human consumption can be used for storing cans and bottles.


When foods are stored directly in ice, the water from that ice must be drained constantly.


The presence of pieces of glass in food constitutes a physical hazard.


The presence of metal shavings in food constitutes a physical hazard.


The presence of a piece of wood in food constitutes a physical hazard.


The presence of pebbles and stones in food constitutes a physical hazard.


The presence of MSG in food constitutes a physical hazard.


The presence of a toothpick in food constitutes a physical hazard.


The presence of ciguatoxin in food constitutes a chemical hazard.


The presence of prescription medicines in food constitutes a chemical hazard.


The presence of roach spray in food constitutes a chemical hazard.


The presence of hair in food constitutes a chemical hazard.


The presence of false fingernails in food constitutes a chemical hazard.


The presence of hair dye in food constitutes a chemical hazard.


Sulfites can be used in food preparation as long as their use is disclosed on the menu.


Some wild mushrooms can be very toxic; therefore mushrooms must always be purchased from a reliable and trustworthy commercial source.


Use of MSG (Monsodium Glutamate) in foods is a very dangerous practice and is not allowed under any circumstances.


Foods that have been contaminated with pathogenic bacteria (_will _will not) change in taste and smell.

will not

Under favorable conditions bacteria can double their population every 20 to 30 minutes.


At what temperature is rapid growth of pathogenic bacteria possible? _ 65°F _ 140°F


What are the six factors that affect the growth of bacteria?_______, _______, _______, ________, ________, ________.

food, acidity, temperature, time, oxygen, moisture

Which of the following foods may encourage rapid growth of bacteria?: Cooked rice/Hard boiled air cooled shell egg

Hard boiled air cooled shell egg

What type of bacteria grows best at temperatures between 50°-110°F? _______________

Mesophilic Bacteria

What is the water activity level at which bacteria have difficulty reproducing? _______________


In the life cycle of bacteria, during which phase do bacteria grow most quickly? _______________

log phase

Most viral food-borne diseases are the result of improper cooling.

False. Worker's poor hygiene.

The food-borne parasite typically found in under-cooked pork is:

trichinella spiralis

A food-borne parasite typically found in marine fish is:

Anisakid worm

Raw, marinated or partially cooked fish is made safe by freezing at ______°F for ______ Hours.

31°F for 15 hours

The most popular chemical sanitizer is _______________.


Food held under refrigeration must be at or below: __________°F


The reason for refrigerating potentially hazardous foods is to:

slow the growth of bacteria

What are the eight most common food allergies?

fish, peanuts, wheat, soy, tree nuts, eggs, milk, shellfish

Any food with a pH value of ____ or
less is considered too acidic for
bacteria to grow.


Salmonella enteritidis is mainly associated with: __________


Food workers sick with an illness that can be transmitted by contact with food or through food should be:

sent home

We can control the growth of the microorganism clostridium perfringens by _________ ,_________, ___________.

hand washing, heating meat dishes rapidly, cooling meat dishes rapidly

Ground meats such as hamburgers must be cooked to a minimum temperature of 158°F to eliminate:

e. coli

Clostridium botulinum causes the disease known as botulism.


The microorganism Clostridium botulinum is mainly associated with the following: Smoked fish/tuna fish

smoked fish

The following illness has been associated with under-cooked shell eggs:


Staphylococcal food intoxication is a common cause of food-borne illness that can be prevented by cooking foods thoroughly.


Shigellosis can be eliminated by cooking pork to 155°F for 15 seconds.


Scombroid poisoning occurs when someone eats decomposing:


Viral Hepatitis is caused by Bacillus cereus.


Escherichia coli O157:H7 is responsible for causing Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) among children.


Escherichia coli O157:H7 is mainly associated with ground poultry.


The illness trichinosis is caused by a parasite known as Trichinella spiralis.


To avoid trichinosis, NYC Health Code requires pork to be cooked to a minimum temperature of:


Shellfish tags must be kept with the product until it's used up and then filed away for:

90 days

As Per New York City Health Code, hands must be washed thoroughly at least 3 times every day.


Sick food workers who can transmit their illness thorough contact with food should be prevented from working until they are well.


Hands must be washed thoroughly after: ________, __________, ___________, ___________, __________, __________.

using the toilet; handling raw food; touching hair, beard or any part of the body; sneezing or coughing; smoking, eating or drinking; touching anything that may contaminate the hands

The NYC Health Code requires hand wash sinks to be readily accessible at all ____________ and ______________.

food preparation areas, toilet facilities

The hand wash sinks must be provided with: ________ and ________ running water, _________ and _________.

hot, cold, soap, paper towels

The NYC Health Code requires that all food workers wear proper hair restraint.


A food worker with an infected cut on his/her hand:

must be excluded from working

During hand washing hands must be rubbed together for at least:

20 seconds

Clean aprons can be used for wiping hands.


Hand sanitizer can be used in place of hand washing during busy periods.


Previously cooked and refrigerated foods that will be served from a hot holding unit must be rapidly reheated to 165°F using:

a stove or oven

When bacteria from a raw food get into a cooked or ready-to-eat food, this is called:


The correct cooking temperature for poultry, stuffed meat and stuffing is:


Thick foods cool faster..:

in smaller portions

It is a good practice to thaw frozen foods by leaving them out on the kitchen counter overnight.


Hot foods placed in a refrigerator for cooling must never be covered.


To prevent illness, pork must be cooked to an internal temperature of: _________ °F


Placing food on the counter overnight can be used as an effective rapid cooling technique:


The Health Code requires that frozen foods be properly thawed before being cooked. The exception to this rule is: _________

a single serving may be cooked from a single, frozen serving

Ground meat and foods containing ground meat must be cooked to an internal temperature of:


Clean bare hands may be used when working with ready-to-eat foods.


When using disposable gloves, they must be changed often to prevent contamination of food:


Hot holding units can be used for reheating foods as long as the temperature reaches 165°F within two hours:


HACCP is an acronym that stands for: ______ ______ ______ ______ ________.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

What are the seven principles of HACCP?

Identify hazards and assess their severity and risks; Determine Critical Control Points; Institute Control Measures and Establish Criteria to Ensure Control (Determine Critical Limits); Monitor Critical Control Points and Record Data; Take Actions Whenever Monitoring Results Indicate Criteria Are Not Met; Verify That the System Is Working As Planned; Record-Keeping

HACCP is a system of _______________

food protection

What hazard is HACCP mostly concerned with? _ Physical _ Chemical _ Biological


What is a Critical Control Point (CCP)?

the step at which action must be taken to prevent, reduce or eliminate a hazard.

If potentially hazardous foods are left in the Temperature Danger Zone for more than two hours, what corrective action should be taken?

The food should be discarded

Potentially hazardous foods in the refrigerator storage must be discarded
when the temperature reaches _____°F


When making cold salads such as tuna, it is recommended that ingredients
must be pre-chilled.


Foods can be kept uncovered during the cooling step?


Insecticides and rodenticides can only be applied in a restaurant by the supervisor of food operations?


The best method of eliminating flies from an establishment is to use an electric fly trap.


List four potential sources of food for rodents ___________, ___________,
___________, ____________.

food storage containers, spilled over food, improperly stored garbage, standing water

When food is unavailable to mice that have infested a restaurant, they will ______________________


The sighting of rodents during day time may be an indication of rat infestation?


What are some of the signs of rodents or rodent infestation? ___________,
___________, ___________.

rodent droppings, gnawing, rodent runs

Fly strips are not useful in eliminating insect breeding places? _ TRUE _ FALSE


Rats are known to enter buildings through openings that are as small as:

1/2 inch

In insect control, which measures are useful in keeping them out? ___________,
___________, ___________.

install screens on doors and windows, clean drains, fill all holes

Fresh rat droppings in a food establishment is a critical violation?


What is the proper sequence for the manual dish washing operations? ________, ________, ________, ________.

pre-rinse, wash, rinse, sanitize, drain

Bathrooms for patrons must be provided when there are 19 seats or more in the dining area.


Cutting boards must be sanitized at least three times a day:


Carbon monoxide poisoning can result from a faulty gas-fired hot water unit.


Equipment, including ice makers and ice storage equipment, should not be located under exposed or unprotected sewer lines, open stairwells or other sources of contamination.


Bathrooms for employees must always be provided:


Wiping cloths must be stored in a sanitizing solution with a strength of: _______PPM

50 PPM

Between each use, cutting boards must be: ________, ________, and ________.

washed, rinsed, sanitized

Both employees and customers can use the same bathroom even if customers have to walk through food areas to gain access to it:


When manually washing dishes using hot water sanitizing method, which of the following statements are true: _ A. The water must be at 170°F. _ B. An immersion basket is needed. _ C. A burner or booster is needed to heat the water. _ D. A two-compartment sink is necessary.

The water must be at 170°F; An immersion basket is needed; a burner or booster is needed to heat water;

During chemical sanitization, the chemical solution must be checked by _____ ______.

test kit

Reheating equipment must be capable of raising the internal temperature of potentially hazardous foods to at least _____°F within ___ hours and held at _____°F or above until served.

165°F within 2 hours, 140°F

"First Aid Choking" poster must only be displayed conspicuously in each designated eating area:


All food establishments must display an "Alcohol and Pregnancy Warning" sign.


The "How Are We Doing" sign must be posted at or by the entrance of all food establishments in New York City.


A "Wash Hands" sign must be displayed at all hand-washing sinks.


Smoking may be permitted only at the bars.


"No Smoking" signs must be posted at all smoke free areas.


Ashtrays are permitted on dining tables as long as "No Smoking" signs are conspicuously displayed.


Tobacco vending machines are prohibited in all food service establishments except taverns or bars.


Any food service establishment that allows on-site consumption of food must provide a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) kit in case of an emergency.


The first step of FIFO is _______.


A glass thermometer should never be used for measuring food temperature. What kinds can be used?

bimetallic thermometer, thermocouple thermometer, thermistor (digital) thermometer

Under favorable growth conditions, bacteria will double every ____ to____ minutes.

20 to 30 minutes

Clostridium perfringens is associated with foods in deep pots. We can control it by _________________ and _________________ meat dishes rapidly.

heating and cooling

Smoked fish must be stored at or below 38°F. This is to control the growth of the microorganism _______________________.

Clostridium botulinum

List three situations when hands must be washed thoroughly:
a. _____________________________________
b. _____________________________________
c. _____________________________________

Before starting work; Before putting on gloves; After using the toilet; After handling raw foods; After touching hair, beard or any part of the body; After sneezing or coughing; After smoking, eating or drinking; After touching anything that may contaminate the hands

The disease _______________________ is
commonly associated with undercooked pork. Pork should therefore be cooked to a minimum temperature of ____________°F

Trichinosis, 155°F

When using raw shell eggs in a food that will not be cooked or will only be cooked lightly, we should use ___________________ eggs instead.


Foods contaminated by harmful microorganisms always have a changed appearance.


An air break is necessary in the waste line of the _ potwash and handwash sinks_ potwash and culinary sinks

potwash and culinary sinks

Potentially hazardous foods must be cooled adequately so that all of the food is reduced from ___°F to ___°F within ____ hours, and from ____°F to ___°F or below within _____ additional hours.

140°F to 70°F; 2 hours; 70°F to 41°F or below within four additional hours

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