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  1. interpolate
  2. abjure
  3. winnow
  4. moiety
  5. extol
  1. a verb insert words into texts, often falsifying it thereby; estimate the value of
  2. b noun the act of separating grain from chaff; verb blow away or off with a current of air; separate the chaff from by using air currents; blow on; select desirable parts from a group or list
  3. c noun one of two basic subdivisions of a tribe; one of two (approximately) equal parts
  4. d verb praise, glorify, or honor
  5. e verb formally reject or disavow a formerly held belief, usually under pressure

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  1. noun a tactic for delaying or obstructing legislation by making long speeches; a legislator who gives long speeches in an effort to delay or obstruct legislation that he (or she) opposes; verb obstruct deliberately by delaying; of legislation
  2. adj. revealing lack of perceptiveness or judgment or finesse; generally incompetent and ineffectual; not elegant or graceful in expression
  3. noun exceeding in heaviness; having greater weight; a superiority in numbers or amount; superiority in power or influence
  4. noun a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage
  5. adj. invulnerable to fear or intimidation

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  1. wroughtadj. having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy


  2. zenithverb represent falsely; be in contradiction with


  3. gametenoun a mature sexual reproductive cell having a single set of unpaired chromosomes


  4. orthographynoun a method of representing the sounds of a language by written or printed symbols


  5. auspiciousadj. excessively mournful