Esperanza Rising Chapters 1-3

Chapters 1-3 study guide Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan 1924 and Las Uvas (grapes) Las Papayas (papayas) Los Higos (figs)
the land's heart beating
What did Esperanza want to hear
her papa
Who was Esperanza walking with in the vineyard
El Rancho de las Rosas in Aguascalientes, Mexico
What is the setting of the story
it will be her birthday and there will be a fiesta
Why is Esperanza waiting for the harvest to be over
they reminded her of her papa's death
Why didn't Esperanza want to open up her birthday presents
What are los dedos
superstition or omen, blood was drawn when she touched the thorn
Why did Esperanza consider pricking her finger bad luck
growing up, turning fifteen, their Quinceaneras party, getting married, etc
What do the girls talk about when they get together
he wanted Esperanza's mother to marry him after a year
What did Esperanza's uncle want after the will was read
her papa had been killed the night before
What had Esperanza forgotten when she first woke up
they couldn't have a relationship because one was of the upper class and one was of the servant class
What did they mean when they said there was a river between Esperanza and Miguel
he wanted her power and respect so that he could run for governor
Why did Uncle Luis propose to Esperanza's mother
he warned Esperanza's mother that Tio Luis was a dangerous man
What did the lawyer do after the uncles left
Esperanza's friend and the housekeeper's son
Who is Miguel
Esperanza's uncles arrived with her papa's belt buckle
What was the first clue that something was really wrong
Papa's body
What was in the back of the wagon
Abuelita, Esperanza's grandmother, her mother's mother
Who is everyone's favorite relative
a piece of her hair
What did Abuelita weave into her blanket
Papa wasn't home from his day on the ranch, and the sun was setting
What worried Esperanza and her mother
there were bandits in the area that might attack the ranch
What had Papa been warned about
a vineyard
What does Esperanza's father own
how the earth's heartbeat beats
What does Esperanza father show her
El Rancho de las Rosas
Esperanza's ranch is called the
because she is Papa's pride and glory
Why was Esperanza given the job to cut the first grapes of the harvest
in the garden and he never disappointed her
Where did Papa promise to meet Esperanza
Who is Esperanza's best friend
she pricks her finger on a thorn
What causes Esperanza's premonition
how to do the zigzag
What is Abuelita showing Esperanza
What kind of character trait best describes Esperanza's uncles (Tio Luis and Tio Marco)
her father's death
What is Esperanza in disbelief over
papa had ordered them because Hortensia made Esperanza's favorite salad every year for her birthday
Why had Senor Rodriguez brought papayas
this job was usually reserved for the eldest son of a wealthy rancher, but since she was an only child she was always given the honor
What was different about Esperanza being given the scythe
just as the bird rose again from ashes, will Esperanza find a way to rise from ashes and make a new life for herself
Why did Abuelita compare them to the Pheonix
to buy them more time to plan an escape to the United States with Alfonso, Hortnesia, and Miguel
Why did Esperanza's mother agree to marry Tio Luis