13 terms

Activity 15 Science & Global Issues/Biology

The assortment of species on earth; within and between ecosystems; and the variation in the genetic compostion of a species
A community of various organisms interacting with each other within a particular physical environment
In terms of species, restricted to only one region or area
Information that refutes or supports a claim or hypothesis; information that leads to the develpment of a claim or hypothesis
A process in which something changes gradually or by intervals over time. In biology, changes in the genetic composition of a population that eventually give rise to other diverse life forms.
evolutionary tree
A branched diagram for classifying taxa that represents a hypothesis about the history of descent of groups of taxa
An observation or calculation that shows the presence or state of a condition or trend
A series of populations of a single species or several species descended from a common ancestor
phylogenetic diversity
A measure of biodiversity using the pattern of the relationships of lineages to one another over time.
The ability to meet a community's present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Level of classification, such as genus or species
The plural of taxa, it is a group of (one or more) organisms, which a taxonomist adjudges to be a unit.
An exchange of one thing for another; giving up something that is a benefit or advantage, in exchange for some other benefit or advantage. It usually involves balancing benefits and risks.