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Latin Vocab IDK

talis talis tale
such, of sort, the following
tantus, tanta, tantum
so great, so much, so far
tectum tecti n
roof; house, home, abode
tullus telluris f
earth, land, country
telum teli n
weapon; wound, blow
tempus temporis n
time; occasion, crisis
tendo tendere tetendi tentus
stretch; hasten, strive, (ex)tend, aim; tent
tollo tollere sustuli sublatus
lift, raise, upheave, stir up; remove, destroy
totus tota totum
all, every, whole, full
ullus ulla ullum
any, any one
umerus umeri m
vastus vasta vastum
desolate, vast, enormous
vates vatis m f
prohpet, seer, bard
ve vel
or, either, even
velum veli n
cloth, canvas, sail
venio venire veni ventus
come, go
ventus venti m
wind, breeze, blast, air
vinco vincere vici victus
conquer, surpass
vis vis f
force, violence, energy
scarcely, feebly, with difficulty
volo velle volui
will, wish, be willing
volvo volvere volvi volutus
(un)roll, roll (round, through); undergo
vox vocis f
voice, word; speech, sound
idem eadem idem
same, the same
immanis immane
huge, monstrous, enormous, mighty, dreadful, cruel, atrocious
imus ima imum
superlative; lowest
infelix infelicis
unfortunate, accursed, unhappy, ill-omened, unlucky, wretched
inferus infera inferum
low, below, underneath
labor labi lapsus
slip (by), slide, glide (by), descend; fail; faint, fall, perish; flow
laetus laeta laetum
happy; fertile; fat, sleek
limen liminis n
threshold, doorway, entrance; abode; shrine; palace
longus longa longum
long, wide, distant
lux lucis f
light, sun, day; life; glory
miser misera miserum
miserable, unhappy, wretched, unfortunate, pitiable
moenia moenium n
walls; city; structures
moveo movere movi motus
move; ponder
natus nati m
son, child, young
numen numinis n
divinity, divine power (will, favor, purpose, presence)
oculus oculi m
os oris n
mouth, face; speech
parens parentis m f
parent, ancestor, father, mother
patrius patria patrium
paternal, ancestral, native
pelagus pelagi n
sea, flood, waves
pius pia pium
devoted, loyal, righteous
comparative of multus
superlative of multus
poena poenae f
punishment, penalty, satisfaction, revenge, vengeance
portus portus m
port, harbor, haven
primus prima primum
first, foremost, chief
far, at a distance, (from) afar
quaero quaerere quaesivi quaesitus
seek (in vain), miss, inquire, ask, try
whither, where(fore), whereby
(at) some time, formerly, ever
refero referre retuli relatus
bear back, restore, carry off; reproduce, renew, recall; relate, say; (re)pay
regina reginae f
queen; (as an adjective) royal
regnum regni n
royal power, kingdom, realm, rule, sway, sovereignty
relinquo relinquere reliqui relictum
leave, desert, surrender, abandon, relinquish
remus remi m
ruo ruere rui ruitum
fall; rush; sink; plow
sacer sacra sacrum
sacred, holy, consecrated; accursed;
saxum saxi n
stone, rock, reef, cliff, crag
sequor sequi secutus
follow, attend, pursue, accompany, seek
servo servare servavi servatum
observe, watch; preserve, save, guard, keep, rescue; nurse
sidus sideris n
star, constellation, meteor; season, weather; heaven
socius socii m
ally, comrade, follower
solus sola solum
alone, only, lonely, sole
somnus somni m
sleep, slumber, dream
sto stare steti statum
stand (fast, up); halt; endure; stick (to), remain
subeo subire subivi subitus
go under, bear; approach, enter; arise
(of) himself, herself, itself, themselves; him, her, it, them
superus supera superum
upper, higher, above; god, divinity
supremus suprema supremum
superlative of superus (2nd one)
surgo surgere surrexi surrectum
raise, (a)rise, spring up, surge
accipio accipiere accepi acceptus
receive, accept; learn, hear, conceive
actus acta actum
the noun of to lead, to drive to do and to treat; to pass to conduct
adfore; adforem, adfores, adforet
be present, assist
aequor aequoris n
sea, waves; (level) plain
agmen, agmeninis n
army, line, troop; course
ago agere egi actus
lead, drive, do, treat, pass, conduct
ajo, ais ait: ajunt
say, speak, assert
alius alia aliud
other, another, else
Anchises Anchisae Anchisen m
Trojan prince, father of Aeneas
anima animae f
air, breath, life, soul, shade
animus animi m
soul, spirit, breath, courage; anger, pride; purpose, thought
antiquus antiqua antiquum
ANCIENT, old, aged, former, of olden times, time-honored
ara arae f
ardeo ardere arsi arsus
burn, be eager
arma armorum n
ARMS, equipment, tools
arvum arvi n
plowed land, field, region
audio audire audivi auditus
hear (of), hearken
aura aurae f
breeze, air; favor; light
campus campi m
plain, field, level surface
capio capere cepi captus
take, seize, catch; CAPTIVATE; deceive; occupy
caput caputitis n
head; summit; life, person
casus casus m
chance, (mis)fortune; fall
cerno cernere crevi cretus
DISCERN, perceive, understand, decide; fight
classis classis f
fleet, army, ship
comes comitis m (f)
comrade, follower
cunctus cuncta cunctum
all, whole, entire
cursus cursus m
COURSE, running; haste
dictum dicti n
word, speech, command
Dido, Didonis f
legendary founder and queen of Carthage
dies diei m (f)
DAY, time, season
erro, errave, erravi, erratus
stray, wander, ERR; linger
fama famae f
FAME, report, reputation
fatum fati n
FATE, destiny, doom; oracle
fero, ferre, tuli, latus
bear, endure; wear; report, say; carry(off), plunder; extol; tend; grant, offer
ferrum ferri n
iron; sword, weapon, tool
fessus fessa fessum
tired, weary, feeble, worn
for fari fatus
speak, say, tell, utter
fors, fortis f
chance, FORTUNE, hap
fortuna fortunae f
FORTUNE, chance, luck
fuga fugae f
flight, haste, exile, speed
fugio, fugere, fugi
flee (from), escape, shun
fundo, fundere, fudi, fusus
pour (out), shed; lay low, slay, rout; extend
furo, furere furui
rage, rave, be frantic
futurus futura futurum
FUTURE, destined (to be), impending, about to be
geminus gemina geminum
twin, double, two
genitor genitoris m
begettor, father, sire
genus generis n
birth, origin, race; descendant; kind, family
not, by no means, not at all
alas! ah! ah me!
hic (adv)
here, there, hereupon
hic haec hoc
this, that; he she it
from this place, hence, thence
honos(or), honoris m
HONOR, glory, reward; offering, sacrifice; charm, grace
to this place, hither, here
Munus muneris n
Function, duty