11 terms

Star Systems and Galaxies

binary stars
a star system with two stars
eclipsing binary
a binary star system in which one star periodically blocks the light from the other
open cluster
a star cluster that has a loose, disorganized appearance and contains no more than a few thousands
globular cluster
a large, round, densely-packed grouping of older stars
a huge group of single stars, star systems, star clusters, dust, and gas bound together by gravity
spiral galaxies
a galaxy with a bulge in the middle and arms that spiral outward in a pinwheel pattern
elliptical galaxies
a galaxy shaped like a round or flattened ball, generally containing only old stars
irregular galaxies
a galaxy that does not have a regular shape
an enormously bright, distant galaxy with a giant black hole at its center
all of space and everything in it
scientific notation
a mathematical method of writing numbers using powers of ten