english 165

is a literary device that is used to show the similarities between familiar and unfamiliar. We do this by describing the familiar in a way to better understand the unfamiliar.
is a document created by the instructor to give a student class policy, office hours, and grading outline. It's also lists of all the assignments due for the class.
is a word with nearly the same meaning as another word that can be used to describe the same thing.
Textual Evidence
is the concrete information from a source which backs the writer's point of view. It is provided in the form of a quotation or paraphrase.
is a statement that promises the reader what is going to address and prove. All other information will be relevant to the thesis.
is a literary device that the author uses to show attitude or mood. The tone helps the reader understand the writer's feelings.
is needed in order to write a paper. Once you choose a subject, you can figure out your audience and the purpose of your paper.
Works Cited
is a bibliographical list at the end of a paper of the works cited in the paper. This credits each sourced used.
is the first step of the writing process that is more than just changing words. It's deciding what to put in or leave out, rearranging for clarity, or expressing ideas better.
is the science of argumentation and the skills needed to convince an audience. One of these could be logos.
is a literary device that is used to establish the time, place, or mood of a story. It helps establish under what circumstances the story is taking place.
is a literary device comparing two unlike things to help the reader understand. Simile uses the words like, as, or such as. An example of that would be -she is like a rose-
is presenting someone else's work as your own, intentionally or unintentionally, without crediting the true author. Plagiarism is avoided by properly citing the author's work in your paper.
is part of the Aristotelian rhetorical appeals that reach out to the emotions. It's a way the author tugs at the audience's heart by stating the facts and not whining.
is part of an essay that is organized in a way the reader can follow. Each paragraph contributes a new idea in support of the thesis. A paragraph can be as short as one sentence or as long as a page.
is a literary device that is used to compare two unlike things by saying one thing is another thing. An example would be Harry was a lion on the battlefield.
is the way they author tells the story. Author tells the story using a plot, setting, character, organization, and conflict.
is part of the defining process in writing. It is the process of saying what something is not before saying what it is.
Literary Devices
are techniques used by an author that make the story more interesting and helps readers understand what the author is trying to say. Examples of literary devices are tone, analogy, and personification.
is part of the Aristotelian appeals that uses to logic that can be argued. This includes both induction and deduction reasoning.
is a literary devise that uses sensory details to create word pictures. It helps the reader to visualize what the writer is describing
Free writing
is a way to brainstorm in order to find a potential topic to write about. It's done by writing sentences for a period of time without stopping or worrying about errors.
are words that sound the same but have different meaning. An example would be using the words affect and effect.
is a part of the Aristotelian rhetorical situation that motivates the author to write about a real world "problem", "lack", or "need". It is a situation that is calling for immediate attention
Existential Vacuum
is a concept used by Viktor Frankl that says a man will turn to a momentary high, but it won't last. Only when a man has something sustaining like work or good family, can a man find meaning.
is a philosophical movement stressing individual existence and holding that all humans are free to choose and are responsible for their actions. Viktor Frankl says it means to live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.
is giving credit to the original work or opinion of someone else. It takes place twice, documented in-text and then in the works cited page.
is part of the writing process that involves refining details and correcting flaws. Editing involves eliminating unnecessary words, replacing any incorrect wording, checking grammar, sentences, punctuation, and mechanics.
is a short literary composition on a particular theme or subject that is written to convince the readers of the writer's opinion.
is a part of the Aristotelian rhetorical appeals that appeal to the author's credibility. The author writes in a way to show his authority by stating facts.
is one of the most important aspects of writing a paper. It helps the reader to understand definitions of obscure or difficult terms, but also complex ideas or personal point of view.
is a literary device that is used to express a resistance the protagonist of the story finds in achieving his goals. This discord can be external or an internal.
Aristotle's Definition Formula
is naming the item to be defined and classifying it with like items and stating why it is different from all other items in its particular classification. An example of that is saying a Volvo is a type of car which is the safest car on the road
Aristotelian Model of Rhetorical Analysis
is a system of argumentation. It uses the rhetorical situation, appeals, and devices.
is the group of people that will be reading what the author is writing. It is important to analyze what the readers know to determine how to write in a way to reach the audience.
is a documented list of all the publications that a writer has looked at during research. It is helpful if the writer needs to back and check information at a later time. Only the documentation that is cited in the paper is listed on the works cited page.
is a word that is opposite of a specific word. An example would be an antonym for happy would be unhappy.
Purpose of Writing
is to explain or to convince something to your readers. It's the intended effect of the text upon the target audience.
Point of View
is a literary device that depicts the manner in which the story is narrated. This happens in first person told by the narrator from his point of view and the third person where the narrator does not figure into events, an outside of story point of view
is the last part of the writing process that means taking one last look at your paper for correctness, catching spelling or word-processing errors. This also means checking for missing words or minor details.
Inductive Reasoning
is reasoning process where one starts from a specific experience and draws inferences from it. An example would be if Julie breaks out when she eats a piece of strawberry pie, she might induce that she is allergic to strawberries.
Deductive Reasoning
is reasoning process when the reader uses all the evidence and then works down to the point. An example of that would be a detective has all his evidence and then works down to find out who did it.
is a literary device that an author uses in his writing to infer something is going to happen. He then adds a twist and show it happening another way to surprise the reader
is a group of letters that represent a phrase. Sometimes is spells another word. An example is WTC for World Trade Center
is part of the writing process. It involves breaking down something into parts and elements to analyze and determine the meaning
Appeal to Authority
is another type of defining using the authority to define. An example would be a survivor of the holocaust would be an expert in that field.
a part of the library that has a variety of special manuscripts and book collections. A part of that collection is James Michener's collection.
is a distribution of copies of periodicals. An example would be a newspaper or magazine
Circulation Desk
is part of the library. It's used for checking out or in books or items on reserve.
Classification System
is the way publications are set up. One way is the Dewey Decimal System which uses numbers and decimals. The other way is using letters like the Library of Congress.
Code Words
are words that tell a writer what he is asked to do. Examples are argue, narrate, and define.
Comparison/ Contrast
is part of the defining technique that points out similarities and differences. This is done to prove a specific point
is a literary device where the intended meaning is not stated clearly. It's the emotional reaction or response to the meaning.
Critical Thinking
is thinking for yourself and coming up with ideas to write about. All freshmen learn how to do this
is one of the most important aspects of writing a paper. The author will sometimes use synonyms and antonyms to help the reader understand.
Delusion of Reprieve
was talked about in Frankl's book regarding the fellow prisoners. They were delusional about getting out. It kept them alive and sane.