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What is not a nutrient?


1 gram of carbs yields?

4 calories

1 gram of fat yields ?

9 calories

1 gram of protein yields?

4 calories

What causes validity in a claim?

scientific research cited

What is the leading cause of death in the US?

heart disease

What is not a good idea to do while you shop?

shop while hungry

If you weigh 150 lbs. how much of your weight is water weight?


Which nutrients provide 4 cal per gram?

carbs and proteins

Which nutrients donot provide energy?

water, vitamins, minerals

What is not a function of H2o in the body?

provides small amount of energy needed by the nervous system.

WHat disease is not influenced by diet?


Where do most Americans look first for informationon nutrition?


What are the water soluble vitamins?

vitamins B and C

If sasha wants to consume 30% of her total cal. from fat and eats 2000 cal per day, what is the maximum # of grams she should eat?

65 grams

WHy would a raw peach be considered more nutrient dense than a serving of peaches canned in light syrup?

raw peach contains more vitamins per calorie than the canned peaches.

What is NOT true about the DRI?

they are nutrient requirements that people should meet everyday

The RDA for nurtrients are generally?

designed to be adequate for most al healthy people

The D.V's ?

are nutrient levels set by the FDA and used in food labeling

Exercising 60 min a day reduces the risk of?

chronic disease

All food contaims phyto chemicalsexcept?

skim milk

10-35% of calories should come from?


Sue picked up a cereal box and read that one serving provides 15% of the D.V for ttoal carbohydrates? What is true

1 serving provides 15% of the total carb. that are reccommended to be eaten in a day

You should avoid fat from?

dairy products

What is NOT a nutrient dense food?


WHat food groups does a corn tortilla belo9ng to?


Mediterranean food guide saysto eat red meat?

few times a month to reduce heart disease

moderation is being violated if?

salt intake is very high

30 min of exercise a day reduces the risk of?

chronic disease

What does not prevent foodborne illnesses?

drink unpasteurized apple juice from a local producer

Another term for amylase?


What may happen if the lower esophageal spincter is not closed tight enough after eating?


Where does the digestion of protein occur?


What are all present in feces?

water, bilirubin, bacteria, and fiber

WHat is nopt true about intestinal gas?

it comes directly from food

Where are all the nutrients leaving the digestive system taken?


What is NOT a possible fate for amino acids in the liver?

they are converted to Vitamin D

Excessive glucose in the body is converted to?

fat and glycogen

What type of reaction is a glucose>glycogen reaction?


milk will most likely contain?

conjugated linoleic acid( CLA)

What is the main site of digestion and absorption?

small intestine

WHere is starch in bread chemically digested?

in the mouth

Where can a bolus be found?

in stomach

What are the accessory organs of digestion?

liver, gall bladder and pancreas

Fat soluble vitamins earned initially in the lymphatic system after the absorption through?

small intestine

SOme gas is produced by bacteria that live in?


After gall bladderbeen removed you might have difficulty digesting?


All our functions of the liver EXCEPT?

secreting the majority of digestive enzymes,

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