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Je suis

I am

Tu es

You are

Il est

He is

Elle est

She is

Nous sommes

We are

Vous êtes

All of you are (y'all are)

Ils sont

They are

Elles sont

They are (just girls)


I have

Tu as

You have

Il a

He has

Elle a

She has

Nous avons

We have

Vous avez

All of you have (y'all have)

Ils ont

They have

Elles ont

They have (just girls)

Je peux

I can

Tu peux

You can

Il peut

He can

Elle peut

She can

Nous pouvons

We can

Vous pouvez

All of you can (y'all can)

Ils peuvent

They can

Elles peuvent

They can (girls only)

Je veux

I want

Tu veux

You want

Il veut

He wants

Elle veut

She wants

Nous voulons

We want

Vous voulez

All of you want (y'all want)

Ils veulent

They want

Elles veulent

They want (just girls)


I write

Tu écris

You write

Il écrit

He writes

Elle écrit

She writes

Nous écrivons

We write

Vous écrivez

all of you write (y'all write)

Ils écrivent

They write

elles écrivent

they write (just girls)

Je dis

I say (I'm saying)

tu dis

you say (you're saying)

il dit

he says (he's saying)

elle dit

she says (she's saying)

nous disons

we say (we're saying)

vous dites

all of you say (y'all say) (y'all are saying)

ils disent

they say (they're saying)

elles disent

they say (just girls) (they're saying)

Je dors

I sleep (I'm sleeping)

tu dors

you sleep (you're sleeping)

il dort

he sleeps (he's sleeping)

elle dort

she sleeps (she's sleeping)

nous dormons

we sleep (we're sleeping)

vous dormez

all of you sleep (all of you are sleeping)

ils dorment

they sleep (they're sleeping)

elles dorment

they sleep (they're sleeping..just girls)

je sors

I go out (I'm going out)

tu sors

you go out (you're going out)

il sort

he goes out (he's going out)

elle sort

she goes out (she's going out)

nous sortons

we go out (we're going out)

vous sortez

all of you go out(all of you are going out)

ils sortent

they go out (they're going out)

elles sortent

they go out (they're going out..just girls)

je viens

I come (I'm coming)

tu viens

you come (you're coming)

il vient

he comes (he's coming)

elle vient

she comes (she's coming)

nous venons

we come (we're coming)

vous venez

all of you come (all of you are coming)

ils viennent

they come (they're coming)

elles viennent

they come (they're coming..just girls)

je tiens

I hold (I'm holding)

tu tiens

you hold (you're holding)

elle tient

she holds (she's holding)

il tient

he holds (he's holding)

nous tenons

we hold (we're holding)

vous tenez

y'all hold (y'all are holding)

ils tiennent

they hold (they're holding)

elles tiennent

they hold (they're holding...just girls)

Je fais

I do or I make (I'm doing/making)

Tu fais

you do or you make (you're doing/making)

Il fait

he does or he makes (he's doing/making)

elle fait

she does or she makes (she's doing/making)

nous faisons

we do or we make (we're doing/making)

vous faites

y'all do or y'all make (y'all are doing/making)

ils font

they do (they're doing)

elles font

they do (they're doing..just girls)

je vais

I go (I'm going)

tu vas

You go (you're going)

il va

he goes (he's going)

elle va

she goes (she's going)

nous allons

we go (we're going)

vous allez

y'all go (y'all are going)

ils vont

they go (they're going)

elles vont

they go (they're going..just girls)

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