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In 1800s many immigrants came to the U.S. in search of

better opportunities
freedom from cruel or oppressive governments
religious freedom

John D. Rockefeller

Captain of Industry, Oil

Andrew Carnegie

Captain of Industry, Steel

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Captain of Industry, Shipping and Railroad


draw public attention to their product and service

Factors that lead to the growth of industry in the U.S.

access to raw materials and energy
available work force
new inventions
financial resources


unfair treatment of people based on their race or culture


poor neighborhoods


apartment houses within the ghettos

Challenges with Tenement buildings


Hull House

settlement house or community center for immigrants

Jane Addams

started the Hull House

Booker T. Washington

accepted the social separation of the races
equality through vocational education

W.E.B. DuBois

full political, civil, and social rights

Jim Crow Laws

laws to discriminate primarily against African Americans

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