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Carbon dioxide enters plants throug the


The stage of respiration that releases most of the energy in glucose occurs in the


What are the products of photosynthesis

oxygen and sugars

Lactic Acid fermintation is mot likely to occur when

you go for a very fast run

what happens during cytokinesis in animal cells

Two new daughter cells are formed

what is the relationship between photosynthisis and respiration

They have opposite equations

The regualr cycl of growth and division that cells undergo is scalled

The Cell Cycle

The stage of the cell cycle that follows mitosis is called


How does photosyntheis help heterophs

it creates the food that they can eat

what are chromatids

identical strands of chromosomes

Mitosis is the stage of the cell cycle when

the cells nucleous divids into two new nuclei

Rungs of the DNA ladder are made up of

a pair of nitrogen bases

A DNA molecule is shaped like a

spiral staircase

the energy releasing process that does not require oxygen is called


During DNA replication A pairs with

T: Thymine at at atatatatat at ata at tattaatat ta ta tatata at ta at tatatatatta ata at ta at ta at ta at ta at ta aat aaattt ta at ta at ta atttttttttttaaaaaattttttaatatatataattatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Alcoholic fermentation occurs in


what happens during respiration

Glucose is broken down, releasing energy

What happens during photosynthesis

The cell uses the energy in sunlight to make food.

during what stage of the cell cycle does replication occur and dna is formed


What captures energy from the sunlight during photosynthesis

chlorophyll and other pigments

what happens when dna replactes a pares with?

a can be pared with t at ta A T

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