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Muscle Origins/Insertions/Functions

origin- zygomatic arch and maxilla
insertion- angle and ramus of mandible
function- closes jaw, elevates mandible
origin- temporal lines
insertion- coronoid process of mandible
function- closes jaw, elevates and retracts mandible
lateral pterygoid
origin- greater wing of sphenoid, pterygoid processes
insertion- medial surface of mandible, near angle
function- elevates mandible, aids in grinding
medial pterygoid
origin- sphenoid, palatine, maxilla
insertion- mandibular condyle
function- protracts jaw foward, aids in grinding
pectoralis major
origin- clavicle, sternum, cartilage of first 6-7 ribs
insertion- intertubercular groove of humerus
function- arm flexion; adducts, medially rotates arm
origin- clavicle, acromion process, scapular spine
insertion- deltoid tuberosity of humerus
function- arm abduction
rectus abdominis
origin- pubic crest and symphysis
insertion- xiphoid process; costal cartilage of ribs 5-7
function- flexes and rotates vertebral column
origin- occipital bone, spines of c7 and all thoracic vertebrae
insertion- acromion and spinous processes of scapula, lateral 3rd of clavicle
function- extends head; raises, roates, adducts acapula; elevation and depression of scapula
latissimus dorsi
origin- indirect attachment to lower six thoracic vertebra, all lumbar vertebrae, iliac crest, lower 3-4 ribs
insertion- intertubercular groove of humerus
function- arm extension and adduction; medially roates arm; depresses scapula; brings arm down in power stroke
biceps brachii
origin- coracoid process; supraglenoid tubercle and glenoid lip
insertion- radial tuberosity
function- forearm flexor
triceps brachii
origin- infraglenoid tubercle, posterior humeral shaft
insertion- olecranon process
function- forearm extensor
adductor longus
origin- pubis near pubic symphysis
insertion- linea aspera
function- adducts and rotates thigh
rectus femoris (part of quadriceps)
origin- anterior ingerior iliac spinel superior margin of acetabulum
insertion- patella and tibial tuberosity via patella ligament
function- extends knee, flexes thigh at hip
semitendinosus (part of hamstrings)
origin- ischial tuberosity
insertion- upper medial tibial shaft
function- extends thigh at hip, flexes knee; medially rotates leg
gluteus maximus
origin- dorsal ilium, sacrum, coccyx
insertion- gluteal tuberosity, iliotibial tract
function- thigh extensor; lateral rotation, abduction of thigh