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Barack Obama

Vice President

Joe Biden

Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton

Secretary of Treasury

Timothy Geithner

Secretary of Defense

Leon Panetta

Attorney General

Eric Holder

Secretary of Interior

Ken Salazar

Secretary of Agriculture

Tom Vilsack

Secretary of Commerce

Gary Locke

Secretary of Labor

Hilda Solis

Secretary of Health and Human Services

Kathleen Sebelius

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Shaun Donovan

Secretary of Transportation

Ray LaHood

Secretary of Energy

Steven Chu

Secretary of Education

Arne Duncan

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Eric K. Shinseki

Secretary of Homeland security

Janet Napolitano

White house Chief of staff

William Daley

Central Intelligence Agnecy

David Patraeus

Environmental Protection Agency

Lisa Jackson

Ambassador to the United Nations

Susan Rice

U.S. Trade Represenative

Ronald Kirk

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