12 terms

APP 10-2

begenning at about 4 months, stage of speech development in which the infant spontaneously uters various sounds at first unrelated to the household language
babbling stage
stage in speech development, from age 1 to 2, during which a chiild speaks mostly in single words
one word stage
beggining about age 2, the stage in speech developement durbning which a child speaks mostly 2 word statements
2 word stage
early speech stage in which a chil speaks like a telegram- "go car"- using mostly nouns and verbs and ommiting auxiliary words
telegraphic speech
by 4 months an infant can do what
understand cause and effect and discriminate speech sounds
what do genes design
the mechanisms for a language, and experience activates them as it modifies the brain
explained language development with learning principles
bf skinner
believes children learn from environment but acquire untought words and grammar to quickly to be explained solely by learning
noam chomsky
supports universal grammar/ language (chomsky) "he holded the candy"
overgeneralization of grammar
language determines the way we think (eng vs. jap)
linguistic determination
won prize for showing that bee communicated with hnoey location through a dance
karl von frisch
experimented with sultan that animals do no show theory of mind
wolfgang kohler