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significance of slavery

brought in a lot of money from cash crops on the plantation, France's most profitable colony


Free people of color, mixed descent, many whites were afraid of the growing affranchis population taking over

Rise of Touissant Louverture

Touissant joins Spanish army

France Abolishes slavery

1794, Touissant switches loyalty to French

Civil war in Haiti

Touissant and Rigaud start to argue after pushing out british, breaks out into a civil war in 1799

Touissant and Dessalines wins

they win civil war

4 options

1. rebuild colonial economy 2. Reclaim the land 3.accept Louverture's authority in the colony 4. Invade and reestablish slavery

Touissant's leadership

issues a new constitution july 1801

People's response to Touissant's leadership

resist the new laws, some run off from planatations to make their own gardens

Napoleon's reaction to Touissant

irritated by Touissant's presumption, sees constitution as hostile to France sends 20,000 troops under Leclerc, arrive in Feb. 1801

End of Touissant

when he realizes his weak position he tries to retire, Dessalins deflects to French, Touissant captured, jailed anad died

French position of slavery and impact of blacks fighting

rumors napoleon had reinstated slavery is some French colonies, defected officers hear this and stop fighting for Leclerc

Dessalines and other generals reverse in support of France

Join mass insurrection, Dessalines emerges as commander in chief of resistance, maroons fight as independents

Napoleon gives up and sells Louisiana Territory

Napoleon pulls out of the war, Dessalines declares independence

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