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is made up of all organisms of the same species that live in an area at the same time.


are all the populations of all species living in an ecosystem

Food Chain

is a model of the feeding relationships amoung oraganisms

Examples of non-living features

an environment included water, temperature, soil and air


the place in which an organism lives


an organism's role or position in its environment
A place where it fits in best


use the Sun to make energy-rich molecules


Cannot make their own energy rich molecules.
Omnivores, herivores, carnivores and decomposers are all types of consumers


are plant eaters


animals that eat other animals


eat plants and other animals


consumers that capture and eat other consumers


a consumer captured and eaten by other consumers predators. In the relationship between a raccoon and the fish in a stream, the raccoon is the predator. The presence of predators usually inceases the number of species that can live in an ecosytem.


Consume wasts and dead organisms. Decomposers help recycle once-living matter by breaking it down into simple compounds.


Any close relationship between species is called symbiosis


a symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit

Example of mutualism

an alga living in the tissue of a fungus


a symbiotic relationship in which one organsim benefits and the other is not affected

Example of Commensalism

a clown fish is protected by an anemone


a symboiotic relationship in which on organism benefits, but the other is harmed

Example of parasitism

a roundworm that lives in a puppy

Symbiotic relationship

close interaction between species in which one species lives in or on the other

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