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6 CO2 + 6 H2O + sunlight --> C6H12O6 + 6 O2

The summary equation for photosynthesis is

A fuel for cellular respiration and a starting material for making other organic molecules

Plants use sugars as

Absorb more CO2 than the plants under the green light

Based on your knowledge of the process of photosynthesis, the plant in the container placed under red light would probably


Which of the following are produced during the light reactions of photosynthesis?

Burning wood contributes more to acid rain than burning fossil fuels

Which of the following statements regarding photosynthesis and carbon dioxide is false?

Carbon dioxide

Photosynthetic organisms derive their carbon from


Plants cells are protected from the harmful effects of oxygen radicals with

Mitochondria transfer ______ energy from ______ to ATP; chloroplasts transform _______ energy into the chemical energy of ATP


Which of the following has been a major source of ozone destruction over the past 50 years?

Chlorophyll a reflects green light

Why are most plants green?

Chlorophyll a

Which of the following photosynthetic pigments can be found at the photosystem reaction center?

CO2 is needed to produce sugars in the Calvin cycle

Carbon dioxide absorption is an appropriate indicator of photosynthesis because

Concentrated in a zone of leaf tissue called the mesophyll

In most green plants, chloroplasts are

Each preferentially absorbs slightly different wavelengths of light

How do the reaction centers of photosystem I and II differ?


Sunlight is a type of _______ energy.


The Calvin cycle constructs _______, an energy-rich molecule that a plant cell can then use to make glucose or other organic molecules

Glucose, ADP, NADP+

Which of the following are produced during the Calvin cycle?


Chloroplasts contain disk-like membranous sacs arranged in stacks called


Which of the following colors contributes the least energy to photosynthesis?


In photophosphorylation, energy from electron flow is used to transport _______ from the ______ to the thylakoid compartment, generating a concentration gradient of _______.


The electrons lost from the reaction center of photosystem II are replaced by electrons from

Have mitochondria and chloroplasts

Plant cells

In photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is reduced to form sugar, while in respiration, sugar is oxidized to form carbon dioxide

Which of the following statements concerning the role of redox reactions in photosynthesis and cellular respiration is true?


What is the source of energy that provides the boost for electrons during photosynthesis?

NADP+ is reduced to NADPH

As a result of the cascade of electrons down the electron transport chains of the light reactions

Occurs when carbon and oxygen from CO2 are incorporated into an organic molecule

Carbon fixation


Autotrophs that utilize light as their energy source are


A packet of light energy is called a


The energy that excites P680 and P700 is supplied by


The ultimate source of all the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe is


What is the name given to organisms that can make their own food and the food for the biosphere?

Protects Earth from UV radiation


Reduced by photosynthesis, which removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

The greenhouse effect is

Shuttle electrons along in a series of redox reactions

The electron transport chains of the light reactions


To produce one glucose, the Calvin cycle needs to be run through _______ time(s).


CO2 enters and O2 escapes from a leaf via


In the chloroplast, sugars are made in a compartment that is filled with a thick fluid called the

Structure C

In this drawing of a chloroplast, which structure represents the thylakoid membrane?

The bottom of the electron transport chain

The electrons lost from the reaction center of photosystem I are replaced by electrons from

The final electron acceptor is NADP+ and not oxygen

Photophosphorylation differs from oxidative phosphorylation in that

The greenhouse effect is exacerbated by the use of fossil fuels

Which of the following statements about the greenhouse effect is true?

The release of energy by the excited electron can be as heat, light, or fluorescence

Which of the following statements about the absorption of photons by pigment molecules is true?


Ozone consists of ______ oxygen atom(s)

Through an electron transport chain molecule

According to this figure, how do H+ ions make their way from the stroma to the thylakoid interior?

Thylakoid membranes...stroma

The light reactions occur in the ______, while the Calvin cycle occurs in the _______

Thylakoid membranes

Where is chlorophyll found in a plant cell?


The oxygen released into the air as a product of photosynthesis comes from

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