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7th grade science: Eukaryotic cell parts and their Functions

title says all, and if the "definition" doesn't say plant or animal cell only, then it applies to both types of eukaryotic cells : )
Cell wall
(Plant cells only) Holds shape of cell and provides support and protection to cell membrane
(Plant cells only) Holds chlorophyll and photosynthesis happens here
Modifies lipids and proteins to perform specific functions and transports materials out of the cell
Cytoplasm (Cytosol)
Gel-like liquid that fills cell and holds everything needed for the cell to perform life processes
ER (Endoplasmic Reticulum)
Makes lipids and other things for the cell's use, the internal transportation system
Makes proteins
Nuclear membrane
Protects nucleus and lets certain materials pass in and out of the nucleus
Controls the entire cell, holds DNA, and is the cell's instructions on making proteins
Holds water and other materials, it is the "storage tank"
Makes ATP (the cell's energy)
Cell membrane
Keeps cytoplasm inside, moves materials in and out of the cell, and interacts with outside enviornment
(Usually animal cells only) Contains special enzymes that digest food, waste, cell parts, foreign invaders, etc.
Stores materials to make ribosomes