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  1. Radiation
  2. Thermometer
  3. false
  4. radiation
  5. Temperature
  1. a is the direct transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
  2. b feeling the sun's warmth on your skin is an example of...
  3. c is a measure of how hot or cold a substance is
  4. d Air temperature is usually measured with a
  5. e conduction works very well in air (T/F)

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  1. conduction works best in liquids (T/F)
  2. conduction works well in some solids (T/F)
  3. The total energy of motion of a substance is called
  4. most heating of the troposphere is caused by
  5. conduction works well in metals (T/F)

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  1. is a thin glass tube with a bulb on one end that contains a liquid, ususally mercury or colored alcohol.It works well in some solids, works well in metals


  2. lightlight- a type of energy that produces light (example- the lightbulb in your bedroom


  3. convectionmost heating of the troposphere is caused by


  4. conductionburning your bare feet on hot sand is an example of


  5. convection currentsthe upware movement of warm air and the downward movement of cools air form