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Chapter 18


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extinction- occurs when the last member of a species dies
the complete destruction of all the mem-bers of an ecological population- death of every member of a species.
inbreeding depression- occurs when individuals with similar genotypes- typically relatives- breed with each other and produce offspring that have an impaired ability to survive and reproduce
genetically similar parents mate and produce inferior offspring
endangered- they are at serous risk of extinction
there are few still alive, Giant Panda
native species- species that live in their historical range where they have lived for thousands or millions of years
species that have naturally evolved in an area
alien species- species that live outside their historical range
1. Accidental (e.g. Zebra mussel now in Danube basin from Caspian and Black Seas)
exotic species- also known as alien species
for example the honeybees
invasive species- alien species spread rapidly across large areas
a nonnative species that spreads widely in a place.
Lacey act- control the trade of wildlife
a conservation law prohibiting the transportation of illegally captured or prohibited animals across state lines. It was the first federal law protecting wildlife, and is still in effect, though it has been revised several times. today the law is primarily used to prevent the importation or spread of potentially dangerous non-native species.
CITES- developed to control the international trade of threatened plants and animals
prevents trade of threatened or endangered marine species
Red list- the ICUN maintains a list of threatened species
help keep track of the species close to extinction
Convention on Biological Diversity- international treaty to help protect biodiversity
an international treaty that aims to conserve biodiversity, use biodiversity in a sustainable manner, and ensure the fair distribution of biodiversity's benefits
edge habitat- final consideration regarding the size and shape of protected areas is the amount of this the area contains
occurs where two diff communities come together
biosphere reserves- are protected areas consisting of zones that vary in the amount of permissible human impact
these protect biodiversity without excluding all human activity
endangered species act- protects the endangered species
(1973) identifies threatened and endangered species in the U.S., and puts their protection ahead of economic considerations
Marine mammal protection act- protects the marine wildlife
1972 - Federal law that gives responsibility of protecting marine animals to the Department of Commerce and the Department of the Anterior; in 1994 you can't harrass marine mammals; doesn't protect polar bear trophies import/export