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I just worked for TWO HOURS on these vocab words for the quiz. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use them!!! Its what I made them for! It includes ALL the notes Mrs. Daly wrote on the board, all of the vocab from worksheets she gave us, verbs, chores, household items, possesive adjectives, and MORE!!!

en el dormitorio

in the bedroom/room

la cama

the bed

el armario

the closet

la mesita

the little table/nightstand

la lámpara

the lamp

en la sala

in the living room

el sofá

the sofa, couch

el estante

the shelf/bookcase

la tele

the TV

el sillión

the armchair/lazyboy chair

en el cocina

in the kitchen

la mesa

the table

las sillas

the chairs

la silla

the chair

la estufa

the stove/oven

el microondas

the microwave

el lavaplatos

the dishwasher

los mueblas

the furniture

un apartamento

an apartment (a)

la casa

the house

un piso

a floor in a apartment building

el garaje

the garage

una ventana

a window

el árbol

the tree

el jardín

the garden, yard

un cuarto

a room

la puerta

the door

el baño

the bathroom

la sala

the living room

el comedor

the dining room

la cocina

the kitchen

el tercer piso

the third floor

el segundo piso

the second floor

el primo piso

the first floor

el piso bajo

the ground floor, lobby (el form)

la planta baja

the ground floor, lobby (la form)

el suelo

the floor (ground, in a house)

el primer piso

the first floor


my (singular)


my (plural)


your (singular)


your (plural)


his, hers, its, theirs (singular)


his, hers, its, theirs (plural)

Possessive adjectives

mi, mis, tu, tus, su, sus

los quehaceres

the chores


to put/place

sacudir el polvo

to dust

lavar los platos

to wash dishes

cortar el césped

to mow the lawn

limpiar el cuarto

to clean the room

limpiar la cocina

to clean the kitchen

limpiar el baño

to clean the bathroom

lavar la ropa

to wash clothes

lavar el carro/coche

to wash the car

dar de comer al perro

to feed the dog

pasar la aspiradora

to vacuum

hacer la cama

to make the bed

poner la mesa

to set the table

cuidar a los niños

to babysit


to iron


to put away

tener + que + infinitive

obligation (Ex. Mamá TIENE QUE LAVAR los platos)

ir + a + infinitive

going to (Ex. VOY A LIMPIAR el cuarto)

Acab(ar) de

to have just (done something) (Ex. ACABO DE terminar mis tareas(my chores))

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