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Describe what the Committees of Corresponding is??
Created in Massachusetts, these groups helped towns and colonies share information about resisting the new British laws.
Who is Jonathan Edwards?
one of the leaders of the Great Awakening, her urged sinners to seek forgiveness.
What is mercantilism?
System of creating and maintaining wealth through controlled trade.
What are immigrants?
People who move to another country after leaving their homeland.
What are indentured servants?
Colonists who received free passage to North America in exchange for working without pay for a certain number of years.
Who is William Penn?
Quaker leader who established a colony with the goal of fair government for all.
Who is Pocahontas?
Daughter of Powhatan chief whose marriage to colonist John Rolfe eased tensions between the Powhatan and the colonists.
Protestant sect founded in England that believed salvation was available to all people.
What are staple crops?
Crops that are continuously in demand.
What is a town meeting?
Political gathering at which people make decisions on local issues.
What problems did the settlers of Virginia face? Name them.
Wars, arguing, fighting, disease, and starvation.
Why was Maryland's Toleration Act of 1649 important?
First laws promoted religious tolerance
How might the southern colonies' reliance on slave labor eventually cause problems?
If the slaves died-- slave rebellions
On what was the economy of the New England colonies based?
Fishing, ship building, and trade
How were the Pilgrim and Puritan colonies similar?
Both live in New England
How were the Pilgrim and Puritan colonies different?
One established the Magna Carta ??
Explain why you think the close ties between church and state in Massachusetts helped or hurt its government.
What types of crops were grown in the middle colonies?
Wheat, barley, and oats
Why did the middle colonies have a more diverse population than either New England or South?
Large land grants
Why would immigrants have chosen to live in the middle colonies?
Religious tolerance, trade, and diverse population
What challenges did the English colonies face?
trade, conflict with Native Americans and French
What effect did the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment have on the colonies?
Political ideas
Explain which you think had a greater impact on colonial government- the passage of the English Bill of Rights or the Great Awakening?
Both encouraged politics????
Why did the British believe it was necessary to raise taxes on the American colonists?
Needed to pay for the French and Indian War.
How did the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party affect relations between Great Britain and the colonies?
Increased tension, violence and anger.
Did the British government over-react to colonial protests by issuing the Intolerable Acts? Why or Why not?
What political influences shaped the governments of the British colonies?
Influences- magna carta??
How did mercantilism affect the economies of Great Britain and the colonies?
economy of Great Britain??
Boycott means
a protest in which people refuse to buy goods
How many years did the Dominion of New England last?
3 years
How many years after the English Civil War did Parliament overthrow King James II?
46 years
Ideas about spiritual, social, and political equality arose in the colonies in the 1700's in a religious movement called ___________________.
The Great Awakening
How did Parliament's passage of the English Bill of Rights in 1689 affect Englands' North American colonies?
Colonists became more interested in being governed by representatives they elected.
What was the central issue in the dispute between Britain and its American colonies?
The power to tax the colonists
Which side did Native Americans take in the French and Indian War?
Different groups sided with each country