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slavery was reinvigorated

As a result of the introduction of the cotton gin,...

dominated society and politics in the South

Members of the planter aristocracy...

its excessive cultivation of cotton despoiled good land

Plantation agriculture was wasteful largely because...

commanded a sizable household staff of mostly female slaves

Plantation mistresses...

disliking the individuals but liking the race

Northern attitudes toward free blacks can best be described as

hobbled the economic development of the region as a whole

The profitable southern slave system...

generally spared dangerous work

Regarding work assignments, slaves were

the enforced separation of slave families

Perhaps the slave's greatest psychological horror, and the theme of Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, was...

newer states of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana

By 1860, life for slaves was difficult in the...

most slaves were raised in single unstable parent households

All of the following were true of slavery in the South except that...

in stable two-parent households

Most slaves were raised...

armed insurrection

In the pre-Civil War South, the most uncommon and least successful form of slave resistance was...

John Quincy Adams

Which one of the following has least in common with the other four?

supported by the black leader Martin Delany

The idea of recolonizing blacks to Africa was...

American Colonization Society, American Anti-Slavery Society, Liberty party

Arrange the following in chronological order: the founding of the American Colonization Society, American Anti-Slavery Society, Liberty party

the immediate abolition of slavery in the South

William Lloyd Garrison pledged his dedication to...

abolitionist golden trumpet

Wendell Phillips

black abolitionist

Frederick Douglass

abolitionist martyr

Elijah P. Lovejoy

abolitionist newspaper publisher

William Lloyd Garrison

Liberty party

Many abolitionists turned to political action in 1840 when they backed the presidential candidate of the...


The voice of white southern abolitionism fell silent at the beginning of the...

were creating disorder in America

Those in the North who opposed the abolitionists believed that these opponents of slavery...

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