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Lesson 11 Book E


N>>> 1. beating or pounding 2. guns or heavy artillery 3. group of similar things used together


N>>> a defence wall with alternating high and low sections (often used in plural form)


V>>> to reduce in quantity or intensity; to subside; to diminsh


ADJ>>> warlike; eager to fight


N>>> a country or persons engaged in warfare or hostile action ADJ>>> behaving in a hostile or aggressive manner; engaged in combat


V>>> to intimidate; to discourage or dishearten


ADJ>>> unconquerable


N>>> a person's strong point; the thing in which a person excels


N>>> courage in enduring or trouble

carte blanche

N>>> unrestricted power to act at one's discretion; unconditional permission or authority


N>>> 1. an organization of firms in the same industry for the purpose of regulating production, pricing, and marketing of goods and decreasing competition by members


N>>> a maker of maps or charts


N>>> a fist fighter, especially a professional boxer


ADJ>>> quarrelsome; eager for a fight


V>>> to oppose or attack as false; to seek to discredit

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