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  1. just-world phenomenon
  2. attitude inoculation
  3. primacy effect
  4. social leadership
  5. transformational leadership
  1. a leadership that builds teamwork, mediates conflict, and offers support
  2. b exposing people to weak attacks upon their attitudes so that when stronger attacks come, they will have refutations available
  3. c other things being equal, information presented first usually has the most influence
  4. d the tendency of people to believe that the world is just and therefore people are getting what the deserve
  5. e leadership that, enabled by a leader's vision and inspiration, exerts significant influence

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  1. believing in the superiority of one's own ethnic and cultural group and having disdain for all other groups
  2. the process by which media influence often occurs through opinion leaders, who in turn influence others
  3. the process by which a message induces change in beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors
  4. a change in behavior or belief as the result of real or imagined group behavior
  5. a group of people who share a sense of belonging, "us"

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  1. subgroupingaccommodating individuals who deviate from one's stereotype by forming new stereotype about this subset group


  2. stigma consciousnessa person's expectation of being victimized by prejudice or discrimination


  3. culta group typically characterized by 1) distinct ritual and beliefs related to its devotion to a god or a person 2) isolation from the surrounding "evil" culture 3) a charismatic leader


  4. co-actorsco-participants working individually on a noncompetitive activity


  5. racisman individual's prejudicial attitudes and discriminatory behavior based on race