movement of people within the unite states
columbian exchange
movement of plants, animals and diseases between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres during the age of exploration
Louisiana purchase
The territory, including the region between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains that the united states purchased from france in 1803
free open land in the American West that was available for settlement
political unit or community touching the borders of the central city or touching other suburbs that touch the city
representative democracy
government in which the people rule through elected representatives
product or good that is sold from one economy to another
free enterprise
economic system in which private individuals own most of the resources, technology, and businesses, and can operate them for profit with little control from the government
service industry
any kind of economic activity that produces a service rather than a product
postindustrial economy
an economic phase in which manufacturing no longer plays a dominant role.
corporation that engages in business world wide
New England
The six northern states in the United States-Maine, vermont , New Hampshire, massachusetts, Rhode Island and connecticut
a region in which several large cities and surrounding areas grow together.
metropolitan areas
functional area including a city and its surrounding suburbs and exurbs lincked together