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amniocentesis (am-nee-oh-sen-TEE-sis)
amni/o = amnion
-centesis = surgical puncture to remove fluid

surgical puncture into the amniontic sac to remove fluid for analysis; identifies genetic disorders; usually performed during the 15th week of pregnancy or later

amniography (am-nee-OG-rah-fee)
amni/o = amnion
-graphy = process of recording

process of taking an x-ray of the amniotic sac using a contrast medium

amnioscopy (am-nee-OSS-koh-pee)
amni/o = amnion
-scopy = visualization with a scope

visualization of the fetus with a scope that enters the amniotic cavity through the abdominal wall

amniotomy (am-nee-OT-oh-mee)
amni/o = amnion
-(o)tomy = incision into

incision into or rupture of the amniotic membranes to induce labor; also called "breaking the water"

cerlcage (ser-KLOZH)

suturing the cervical opening to prevent spontaneous abortion; treatment for a history of incompetent cervix

cesarean section (see-SAYR-ee-an) (C-section)

incision into the abdominal wall and uterus to deliver a baby

chorionic villus sampling (kor-ee-ON-ik VILL-us) (CVS)
chori/o = chorion
-ic = pertaining to

removal of a small sample of the placenta by inserting a catheter or needle through the cervix and withdrawing placental tissue for analysis to identify genetic disorders of the fetus; usually performed between the 10th and 12th weeks of pregnancy

contraction stress test (CST)

introduction of an intravenous solution containing the hormone oxytocin to stimulate uterine contractions to evaluate whether the fetus can tolerate the stress of labor and delivery, also called the oxytocin challenge test

electronic fetal monitoring

application and use of an internal or external electronic device to monitor fetal heart rate and maternal uterine contractions; assesses the quality of the uterine contractions and the effects of labor on the fetus

episiotomy (eh-pihz-ee-OT-oh-mee)
episi/o = vulva
-(o)tomy = incision into

incision into the perineum to facilitate delivery and prevent perineal laceration or tearing

fetal ultrasonography (ull-trah-soh-NOG-rah-fee)

noninvasive examination of the fetus in utero using high-frequency sound waves

fetometry (fee-TOM-eh-tree)
fet/o = fetus
-metry = process of measuring

measuring or estimating the size of the fetus or the fetal head before delivery

pelvimetry (pell-VIM-eh-tree)
pelv/i = pelvis
-metry = process of measuring

measuring the pelvic outlet to determine if its size is adequate for childbirth

pregnancy test

laboratory blood and urine tests to determine pregnancy

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