24 terms

Anthropology 101 - CH8

Dr. Rincon Mautner Anthro class
A unilineal group whose members believe themselves to be descended from a common ancestor but who cannot trace this link through known relatives.
A unilineal descent group composed of a number of clans whose members feel themselves to be closely related.
An animal, plant, or other aspect of the natural world held to be ancestral or to have other intimate relationships with members of a group.
A rule specifying that a person must marry outside a particular group.
A group of kin whose members trace descent from a known common ancestor.
A lineage formed by descent in the male line.
A lineage formed by descent in the female line.
Corporate descent groups
Permanent kinship groups that have an existence beyond the membership at any given time.
The transfer of property between generations.
The transfer of office or social position between generations.
The culturally established affiliation between a child and one or both parents.
Descent group
A group of kin who are descendants of a common ancestor, extending beyond two generations.
Unilineal descent
Descent group membership based on links through either the maternal or the paternal line, bot not both.
Patrilineal descent
A rule that affiliates a person to kin of both sexes through males only.
Matrilineal descent
A rule that affiliates a person to kin of both sexes through females only.
Bilateral descent
System of descent under which individuals are equally affiliated with ther mothers' and their fathers' descent group.
The granting of privilege or favoritism on the basis of family relationships.
A culturally defined relationship established on the basis of blood ties or through marriage.
Kinship system
The totality of kin relations, kin groups, and terms for classifying kin in a society.
Kinship terminology
The words used to identify different categories of kin in a particular culture.
A biological father.
The socially designated father of a child, who may or may not be the biological father.
Consanguineal relatives
Relatives by blood.
Relatives by marriage, in-laws.