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James Madison and creation


Brutus I

Debates that too much power is given in the constitution. Mainly fears the power to tax.

Letters to James Madison

Liked that-greater house is chosen by the people directly.
Does not like- Does not contain Bill of Rights
-The principle of no rotation of office (no term limit

Federalist #84

Hamilton. Bill of Rights unnecessary.
"The Constitution is itself, in every rational sense, and to every useful purpose a Bill of Rights."

Brutus II

-Central government is too powerful
-Wants a Bill of Rights,
Anti-federalist paper. Asked why the federal government did not have a Bill of Rights.

Federalist 78

written by Alexander Hamilton; talks about the federal judiciary; judiciary must depend on other two branches to uphold its decisions.
The Judiciary is the least dangerous branch, because the nature of its functions makes it unlikely to threaten the political rights of the Constitution. The founders generally viewed the Courts as legal, not political.

Seneca Falls Declaration of Rights of Sentements

Women's Rights...Draft that used very similar wording of Declaration of independence to promote women's rights

What to the Slave is the Fourth of July

Frederick Douglass. The 4th of July is not a great day to African Americans because it is just a reminder of all the things they don't have. People are denied rights that are supposedly celebrated.

Federalist 58

Checks and Balances between different departments or branches

federalist #10

by James Madison, says how to guard against factions, special interest groups, by extending the sphere and making sure nobody gets too much power

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