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Marketing 15 and 16

Supply Chain marketing, channel marketing, retailing, multimarketing marketing
One of retailers' most fundamental activities is providing the right mix of merchandise and services.
Supercenters--stores that combine a supermarket with a full-line discount store--are among the fastest growing food retailer formats.
For a supply chain to operate efficiently, the participating members must cooperate.
Conflicts within a supply chain tend to be more pronounced when the members are part of a corporate vertical marketing system.
Logistics managers tend to focus on making sales while marketing managers tend to focus on keeping costs low.
One of the greatest constraints faced by store-based retailers--and one that the Internet channel can address--is:
the amount of merchandise that can be carried in a physical store.
Internet buyers are sometimes surprised to see online retailers using information about their past purchases to customize promotions targeted to them the next time they visit the retailer's website. The retailer is using the information to:
increase their share of wallet from their best customers.
One of the hot publishing markets is e-books, electronically downloaded books from the Internet. For e-book publishers, supply chain management is:
relatively simple, quick, and inexpensive compared to regular publishers
With which of the following firms would General Mills (manufacturer of a variety of food products) likely engage in a CPFR system?
Target, walmart, costco, kroger
Retailing ___________________ the supply chain.
sits at the end
In a(n) _________________ supply chain, none of the participants has any control over the others.
Ted is glad his company finally converted to a RFID system. Now, he no longer needs to go through all the new goods to make sure what they ordered was what they received. Ted is responsible for ________________ in his company.
The apparent chaos of a company's distribution center is managed by a(n):
Retailers focusing on increasing sales to their best customers are attempting to:
increase their share of wallet.
If a firm declared that it wanted to develop a strategic relationship, but was unwilling to commit funds or any effort to make it succeed, there would be an obvious lack of ______.
credible commitments
Supply chain management adds value for customers by:
getting products to customers efficiently.
In a pull supply chain,
orders for merchandise are generated at the store level based on sales data captured at POS terminals
Each time a politician or celebrity writes a book, bookstores can expect at least some customers to want the book--but whether or not it will become a bestseller is less certain. The bookstore's primary inventory management challenge is:
having enough books to satisfy customer demands versus the cost of having the inventory.
With which of the following firms would General Mills (manufacturer of a variety of food products) likely engage in a CPFR system?
Target, Costco, Walmart, and Kroger.
Which of the following can collect data on how consumers navigate through a website, monitoring the pages customers look at?
______________ offer an inconsistent assortment of brand-name merchandise at low prices.
Off-price retailers
Benefits of the Internet as a channel include the ability to:
personalize offerings and service, offer a greater selection of products, expand market presence beyond locations of physical stores, and collect information about how consumers shop for a particular product.
Retailers use _________________ to create an atmosphere that will offer a more pleasant shopping experience.
music, lighting, scents, and color
When a well-established firm has developed a new product as part of its growth strategy, it may be required to find new retailers to carry the new product. One of the critical factors in choosing new retail partners will be:
the power of the brand, its overall reputation as a manufacturer, and where customers might expect to find the manufacturer's products.
The knowledge retailers can gain from their store personnel and customer relationship management databases is valuable for developing:
Roland has just received notification from a vendor that his clothing merchandise order has been processed and dispatched. Roland has just received a(n):