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  1. How does the AP get into the muscle cell for contraction?
  2. What is Repolarization?
  3. What is endomysium?
  4. Where does the Acetylcholine go?
  5. How does the body put NA+ back on outside and K+ back on inside to restore resting muscle cell?
  1. a NA+ gates close and K+ gates open and go outside cell inside becomes negative
  2. b by T-tubules
  3. c surrounds each individual muscle cell
  4. d ACh binds onto ACh receptors to get to muscle cell
  5. e NA-K ATPase pump

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  1. moves phosphate from creatine to ADP to form ATP
  2. CO2
    32 ATP
  3. Other motor units pick up the slack
  4. it goes on to sarcomere where it binds on the troponin to pull on the tropomyosin causing contraction
  5. wave summation

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  1. The sarcomere is composed up of from end to end?terminal cisternae


  2. What are the three ways to form ATP?no oxygen required


  3. What are the functions of Skeletal Muscle?Movement
    Maintain Posture
    Stabilize joints
    Allows external openings
    Produce heat
    Influence Metabolism


  4. Which skeletal muscle will you have more of if you are a sprinter?Red skeletal muscle because you use anaerobic respiration


  5. What is an axon terminal?end of nerve