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  1. The terminal cisternae is where?
  2. What is more that one contraction called?
  3. What is the disadvantages of Aerobic Respiration?
  4. What does ACh trigger?
  5. Why does Muscles need ATP?
  1. a sarcoplasmic reticulum
  2. b NA+ channels to open on motor end plate and go into muscle cell
  3. c wave summation
  4. d takes longer to produce ATP
  5. e Power of pump to restore ion balance
    Re-set myosin head
    Pump CA++ back to SR and terminal cisternae
    Formation of creatine phosphate

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  1. the space between the muscle and axon terminal
  2. Bundle of muscle cells
  3. Movement
    Maintain Posture
    Stabilize joints
    Allows external openings
    Produce heat
    Influence Metabolism
  4. it goes on to sarcomere where it binds on the troponin to pull on the tropomyosin causing contraction
  5. NA+ channels close and get rid of ACh by an enzyme

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  1. What does Aerobic Respiration produce?CO2
    32 ATP


  2. At the end of the T-tubules what is opened?CA++ channels is opened


  3. Which skeletal muscle will you have more of if you are a marathon run?Red skeletal muscle because you use aerobic respiration


  4. Which band is the ligh band?Why?I band because only Actin is found here


  5. What happens if one motor unit gets tired?Other motor units pick up the slack until fully recovered