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  1. What is the disadvantages of Aerobic Respiration?
  2. What is the advantages of DP?
  3. Motor neuron cause what?
  4. What does wave summations do?
  5. Which skeletal muscle will you have more of if you are a marathon run?
  1. a takes longer to produce ATP
  2. b muscle movement
  3. c get stronger with each contraction
  4. d Red skeletal muscle because you use aerobic respiration
  5. e no oxygen required

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  1. lactic acid build up
  2. lots of glucose for only 2 ATP and lactic acid cause soreness
  3. it pumps 3 NA+ out for every 2K+
  4. Direct
  5. NA-K ATPase pump

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  1. How does action potential move across cell electrically?Depolarization


  2. What if the heart wants the lactic acid?Direct Phorsphorylation
    Aerobic Respiration
    Anaerobic Respiration


  3. What are T-tubules?How?passageway from sarcolemma down into muscle cell electrically


  4. What is Perimysium?covering that wraps around each individual fascicle


  5. Where is CA++ stored at?cell wall in skeletal muscle