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  1. What is Epimysium?
  2. What is sarcolemma?
  3. What does wave summations do?
  4. The axon terminal consist of what?
  5. Why does Muscles need ATP?
  1. a covering on outside of muscle
  2. b cell wall in skeletal muscle
  3. c get stronger with each contraction
  4. d synaptic vesicals that have ACh
  5. e Power of pump to restore ion balance
    Re-set myosin head
    Pump CA++ back to SR and terminal cisternae
    Formation of creatine phosphate

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  1. motor end plate
  2. CO2
    32 ATP
  3. Acetylcholinestarase
  4. in the blood where it is converted to glucose in liver and comes back to the muscle
  5. Contractility

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  1. At the end of the T-tubules what is opened?CA++ channels is opened


  2. What is Depolariziation?NA+ gates close and K+ gates open and go outside cell inside becomes negative


  3. What does Direct Phosphorylation do?get stronger with each contraction


  4. What are the neurotransmitters that go over the synaptic cleft?the space between the muscle and axon terminal


  5. How to prevent muscle spasms?Ca++ stays in terminal cisternae and is blocked by Calsequestrin a chaperone molecule