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  1. What is an axon?
  2. What does the CA++ do?
  3. A motor unit consist of?
  4. What is an axon terminal?
  5. What if the heart wants the lactic acid?
  1. a it goes on to sarcomere where it binds on the troponin to pull on the tropomyosin causing contraction
  2. b end of nerve
  3. c converts Lactic acid to glucose and keeps it
  4. d a nerve
  5. e motor neuron and all of the muscle cells under its control

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  1. Stores oxygen in skeletal muscle
  2. takes longer to produce ATP
  3. lactic acid build up
  4. synaptic vesicals that have ACh
  5. NA+ channels close and get rid of ACh by an enzyme

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  1. What does the lactic acid build up go to?signal down axon electrically


  2. What is sarcolemma?smallest contractile unit of skeletal muscle


  3. What is Fascia?Bundle of muscle cells


  4. Which band is the dark band?Why?I band because only Actin is found here


  5. What is sarcomere?smallest contractile unit of skeletal muscle