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  1. How does the AP get into the muscle cell for contraction?
  2. What is fascicle?
  3. Motor neuron cause what?
  4. What is Depolariziation?
  5. What is the synaptic cleft?
  1. a by T-tubules
  2. b Bundle of muscle cells
  3. c the space between the muscle and axon terminal
  4. d NA+ go inside muscle cell and inside becomes negative
  5. e muscle movement

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  1. motor end plate
  2. yes ATP is still being made
  3. a nerve
  4. liquid portion of muscle cell
  5. moves phosphate from creatine to ADP to form ATP

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  1. What is the disadvantages of Aerobic Respiration?lots of glucose for only 2 ATP and lactic acid cause soreness


  2. What is the disadvantages of Anaerobic Respiration?no oxygen required


  3. What is Isometric Contraction?a muscle contraction where tension generated in the muscle is lesser than load on muscle


  4. How to prevent muscle spasms?Ca++ stays in terminal cisternae and is blocked by Calsequestrin a chaperone molecule


  5. What is Repolarization?NA+ go inside muscle cell and inside becomes negative