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  1. How does the body put NA+ back on outside and K+ back on inside to restore resting muscle cell?
  2. What is Sarcoplasm?
  3. How to prevent muscle spasms?
  4. The sarcomere is composed up of from end to end?
  5. What is the advantages of DP?
  1. a Ca++ stays in terminal cisternae and is blocked by Calsequestrin a chaperone molecule
  2. b Z disk
    I Band
    A band
    H zone
    M line
    Z disk
  3. c no oxygen required
  4. d liquid portion of muscle cell
  5. e NA-K ATPase pump

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  1. moves phosphate from creatine to ADP to form ATP
  2. brain and spinal cord
  3. covering on outside of muscle
  4. Other motor units pick up the slack
  5. CT on surface of the epimysium

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  1. What happens if all motor units gets tired?The object that is being held will have to be put down


  2. What is fascicle?CT on surface of the epimysium


  3. What is an axon?Stores oxygen in skeletal muscle


  4. What is Myoglobin?AP is spreading inside becomes positive


  5. What does wave summations do?it goes on to sarcomere where it binds on the troponin to pull on the tropomyosin causing contraction