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  1. What is Isotonic contraction?
  2. Motor neuron cause what?
  3. What is the disadvantages of Aerobic Respiration?
  4. Which band is the dark band?Why?
  5. What is fascicle?
  1. a a muscle contraction where tension generated in the muscle is greater than load on muscle
  2. b muscle movement
  3. c A band because Myosin and Actin are both here
  4. d takes longer to produce ATP
  5. e Bundle of muscle cells

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  1. lactic acid build up
  2. brain and spinal cord
  3. Red skeletal muscle because you use anaerobic respiration
  4. terminal cisternae
  5. signal down axon electrically

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  1. How does action potential move across cell electrically?by NA+ channels opening it propagates along sarcolemma


  2. What does the lactic acid build up go to?it goes on to sarcomere where it binds on the troponin to pull on the tropomyosin causing contraction


  3. What does Direct Phosphorylation do?get stronger with each contraction


  4. What is the disadvantages of DP?limited amount of energy


  5. In Isometric contraction is the sarcomere still working?yes ATP is still being made