BEST TA-1 ch.6 TT

The definitions of chapter 6 in the drama books labeled Stage Directions.
The area behind the scenery not visible to the audience.
Counter Cross
Moving in the opposite direction, and out of the way, of another actor who is moving across the stage.
AN actor's move from one side of the stage to the another.
The area of the stage closest to the audience.
The area of the stage farthest from the audience.
Full Back
Facing completely away from the audience.
Full Front
Facing completely toward the audience.
Facing sideways to the audience so that they only see one side of your body.
Quarter Turn
A 90 degree turn.
Raked Stage
A slanted stage, where upstage is slightly higher than downstage.
Imaginary lines indicating visibility of stage areas from different areas of the house.
Stage Left
The left side of the from the actor's perspective when facing the audience.
Stage Right
The stage area to the actor's right as he or she faces the audience.
Three Quarter Turn
A 270 degree turn.