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Harriton 9th Grade History

for Mrs. Jawork
When did the Paleolithic Age Begin?
~2 million B.C.E.
When did the Neolithic Age Begin?
~9.5 thousand B.C.E.
When did Early Civilizations Develop?
~3 thousand B.C.E.
At what type of landform did many early civilizations develop near?
river valley
Where were most early civilizations not located?
Which civilization developed at the Indus River Valley?
Ancient India
Which civilization developed at the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley?
Where did Ancient China develop?
Yellow River Valley
Where did Ancient Egypt develop?
Nile River Valley
What were two major world powers c. 100 C.E.?
Rome and China
Which of the world powers of c. 100 C.E. remained major c. 1300 C.E.
What was the new major world power c. 1300 C.E.?
What event triggered the Neolithic Age?
Agricultural Revolution
What were some achievements of early humans?
Development of tools