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Geography: Political, Population, Culture, Regions, & Economy

The population of the United States is concentrated in this region.
What percentage of Americans are immigrants or decendants of immigrants?
Urban areas
The most densly populated (crowded) areas of the United States are in which areas?
desert & mountain regions of the West
The least densly populated (least crowded) region of the United States.
urban to suburban
Recently, many Americans who are raising families are moving from ________ to _________ areas.
South to West
Many Americans have been moving TO what regions?
Northeast/ Mid-West
Many Americans have been moving FROM what regions?
Rust Belt
This region is known for the recent closure of many factories and industries of the Mid-West.
Breadbasket of the U.S., Corn Belt, Rust Belt
Nicknames of the Mid-West
This region is known as the Sun Belt.
How has the South changed in recent years?
It is becoming more urbanized.
If a tourist were visiting the Northeast, what would he find?
Washington, D.C., historic cultural sites, Broadways plays in New York City