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Which of the following is not a purpose of the excess postexercise oxygen consumption in muscle?

To neutralize carbon dioxode buildup

Which muscle(s) can contract without the need for nervous stimulation?

Smooth and cardiac muscle.

80% of the lactic acid produced by skeletal muscle is converted to pyruvic acid...

by the kidneys

The term for shortening of a muscle while maintaining constant tension is

isotonic contraction.

Which of the following is very important for muscle to continue contraction during anaerobic respirations?


The minimun stimulus needed to cause muscle contraction is called

the threshold.

If one nerve stimulus arrives at a muscle fiber so soon that the fiber has only partially relaxed from the previous twitch, the most likely result will be

incomplete tetanus

Which of the following is true concerning isotonic eccentric contraction?

The muscle lengthens but tension remains constant.

To stimulate muscle contraction, acetylcholine is released from the______into the synaptic cleft.

synaptic knob

The absence or inhibition of acetylcholinesterase at a synapse would lead to which of the following?


The process of bringing more motor units into use during a muscle contractions is called....


Athletes who train at high altitudes increase their red blood cell count and thus increase their oxygen supply during exercise. Increased oxygen supply results in

longer aerobic respirations.

Cardiac muscle has very little capacity for regeneration because it lacks....

satellite cells.

Which of the following would be caused by contraction of smooth muscle?

goose bumps

As you are lifting a box, someone places extra weight on top of it. For your muscle to continue contracting and lifting the box, the muscle must....

recruit more muscle fibers.

The protein that acts as a calcium receptor in skeletal muscle is...


Drugs called calcium channel blockers may be used to lower blood pressure by causing arteries to vasodilate. These drugs....

prevent calcium from entering smooth muscle, thus allowing the muscle to relax.

Dystrophin, the protein that is defective in muscular dystrophy, is normally found..

between the outermost myofilaments and the sarcolemma.

A reason that muscle twitches become progressively stronger in treppe is

CA 2+ accumulates in the sarcoplasm faster than the sarcoplasmic reticulum can reabsorb.

The purpose of variscosities in motor nerve fibers in muscle physiology is...

to release neurotransmitter onto smooth muscle cells.

Creatine kinase....

catalyzes the transfer of phosphate from CP to ADP.

Which of the following individuals would have more mitochondria in her skeletal muscle?

a 22 year old football player

Loss of muscle mass from lack of activity is termed


The bladder's ability to greatly distend and return to normal tension is due to the____of smooth muscles.


A volleyball player depends on the gastrocnemius muscles for plantar flexion, whereas a marathon runner depends more on the soleus muscles for the same action. This is because the soleus muscles...

make more use of aerobic respiration.

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