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Acute Glomerulonephritis: Defined as

an inflammation of the glomerular capillaries
-Patients typically recover quickly and completely from Acute Glomerulonephritis
-Most causes are infectious in nature, occurring about 10 days from the time of


-Lupus, Cirrhosis, Sickle Cell
-Platelet activation-clots


-Strep, Mono, Hep B, Syphillis

Acute Glomerulonephritis:

-Immune complexes gather in the glomeruli and deposit themselves in the glomerular tissue.
-These complexes trigger inflammatory resport
-Tissue damage, local edema, and platelet activation occur


-Urine characteristics
-Edema-Fluid volume excess
-Vital signs
-Change in level of consciousness

Clinical ManifestationsAGN-

-N/V, abdominal or flank pain, fever
-Fluid Volume excess


-decreased electrolytes


-HA, N/V, increase BP, low grade fever, periorbital edema, dark red smoky urine


-Urine Protein
-ANA for lupus
-culture for infectious process

AGN-Pharm Treatment


AGN-Non-pharmacological Treatment

-Restrict fluid, Na+, and protien
-promote rest

Chronic Glomerulonephritis Defined as

a slow progressive destruction of the glomeruli and gradual decline in renal function
-Occurs over 20 to 30 years
-Often the onset and cause is unknown


-Treat the underlying cause
Goal is to slow the progression of the disease and prevent complications
-Antihypertensives, Antibiotics, dietary restrictions

CGN-Nursing Diagnoses

-Fluid Volume Excess
-Acute Pain

CGN-Fluid Volume Excess rt:

-decrease in renal function, impaired elimination

CGN-CGN-Fatigue rt:

-decreased renal function, anemia

CGN-Acute Pain rt:


CGN-Diet Considerations

-Low Sodium
-Fluid Restriction
-Protein restriction
-Phosphate restriction

CGN-Health Promotion

-Discuss importance of completing therapy
-Teach at risk clients for renal disease signs and symptoms
-Teach clients importance of the management of disease processes

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