9 terms

What makes a myth a myth

MG says multiple people are having problems with this. I am giving you this straight from the book.
What type of characters do Myths have?
Developed and well thought characters that normally grow overtime.
Why were myths created?
To explain the reason for something that happens.
Do animals talk in myths.
Animals do not talk in myths.
Do myths HAVE to include gods?
Many myths do include at least one god but not all do such as the coyote woman.
Do myths have to explain how something happen?
Yes. It is very rare if a myth does not explain something.
Did people believe myths were real?
Yes. Unlike fables myths were part of ones religion.
Does MG let us create our own god or goddess?
Yes MG does allow us to make our own god.
Does my myth have to be serious?
YES! Your myth cannot just be about how ovens were made! You have to be serious and don't try to have anything that can be considered offensive!
What are the requirements?
3-4 pages on paper OR 1-2 pages typed double spaced size 12 font with either Currier new or new times roman.