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test over unit 2 collection


The series of events in a story

"What happened?"

Plot answers the question

4 four

How many parts are there to the plot?


The resolution of the story is the ___


The ___ usually wraps up the "loose ends" of the story


The ___ is the struggle in the story. Usually between good and bad or good and evil.


The events in the story are the ____


___ is when and where the story takes place.


___ is the "high point" of the story

when and where

the setting of the story answers the questions___ and ___.


All of the following are character traits of the third little pig from "The Three Little Pigs" except___


All of the following are character traits of the wolf from "The Three Little Pigs" except


The people or animals in the story are called


The ___ between Cinderella and the step-mother is resolved. Cinderella is the winner!!!


The prince's quality of determination leads to the story's ___


The character traits of the step-mother and the step-sisters create ___ in the plot


The ___ in "Cindrella" starts when the mean step-mother becomes Cinderella's guardian.


If Paul ignores his mother's wishes and plays with his friends, what character trait is he displaying?


If Paul tells his mother he has to woek on a school project and then plays basketball with his friends, what character trait is he displaying?


If Paul decides to go home right after school and help his mother, what character trait is he displaying?

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