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Chapter 10 history

Rapidly grew, in part, due to improved public health
Between 1820 and 1840, the population of the U.S.
twenty-six percent
In 1860, the oercent of the population in free states living in towns (2500+ people) was
Which city did NOT owe its growth to the Great Lakes
young single women
Before 1860, the largest single group of arriving Irish immigrants was
fears of political radicalism
Prior to 1860, hostility among natice-born Americans toward immigrants was spurred, in part, by
American party
After 1852, the "know-nothings" created a new political organization called the
a tremendous financial success
The Erie Canal was
Private investors provided nearly all the capital for rail development
Which of the following statements regarding American railroads in the 1850s is FALSE
state legislatures
Before the 1830s, American corporations could ne charterd only by
were concentrated in the Northeast
By 1860, factories in the U.S.
By 1860, the energy for industrialization in the U.S. increasingly came from
none of these answers are correct
In 1820s and 1830s the labor force for factory work in the U.S.
workers were fairly well paid and lived in supervised dormitories
The the Lowell factory system began
In the 1840s the dominant immigrant group in New Engalnd textile mills was the
the skilled artisan and the yeoman farmer
the republican tradition in the U.S. included the tradition of
was weakened by the panic of 1837
the early union movment among skilled artisans
the question of weather to include womens members
all of the following factors inhibited the growth of labor unions EXCEPT
included a substantial number of destitue poor
Prior to 1860 american urban society
was limited by high degree of mobility within the working class
Prior to 1860 class conflict in the U.S.
owning land
The groth of commerce an dindustry allowed more americans the chance to become prosperous
cast-iron stove
prior to 1860 the most significant invention fo rth emiddle-class american homes was the
all these answers are correct
compared to 1800, in 1860 urban American families
Unpaided vacations were becoming common among the middle class
All of the following statements regarding the American leisure activites prior to 1860 are true EXCEPT
the owner of a family farm
In the 1860 the typical white male American of the Old Northwest (todays midwest) was
the main staple crop of the Old Northwest ( todays midwest) was
In the 1830s Cyrus McCormick improved grain farming when he patented his