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Who is the French philosopher called the "father of Romanticism"?


Eighteenth-century thinkers and artists turned away from the idealized civilization of the Greeks and Romans and embraced the realism of the Middle Ages.


Classical-era composers rarely performed their own works in concerts.


The system in which the aristocracy sponsored musicians is called:


The psychological climax of sonata-allegro form appears when the tonic returns at the:


Which movement is the most highly organized and most characteristic of the multimovement cycle?


In sonata-allegro form, a modulatory section that leads from one theme to the next is called:

a bridge.

In the Classical multimovement cycle, which movement is most commonly in a contrasting key from the other three?


Eine kleine Nachtmusik is:

German for "A Little Night Music."

Mozart is known only as a composer of instrumental music.


In the Classical era, the most common type of chamber music was the trio sonata.


Which of the following best describes the opening of the first movement of Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik?

It has a march-like character.

In his third compositional period, Beethoven:

used more chromatic harmonies.

Which composer is noted for his monothematic sonata-allegro form?


Beethoven was born into a happy family that proved to be his greatest support.


Beethoven's career is often divided into ____________ periods.


In the final movement of Mozart's Piano Concerto in G major, K. 453, each variation is freely created without regard to the structure of the original theme.


In the first movement of a Classical concerto, there is usually a double exposition.


Of the following, which characterizes Maria Theresa von Paradis?

She was a woman virtuoso pianist.
She was a student of Mozart.
She was blind since birth.
all of the above

Someone other than Beethoven first suggested the subtitle of the Moonlight Sonata.


In the Classical era, the sonata was intended for professional musicians only.


Beethoven gave his Piano Sonata in C-sharp minor, Op. 27, No. 2, the designation:

quasi una fantasia.

The Requiem was Mozart's first major composition in Vienna.


What Mozart opera is based on controversial play by Beaumarchais?

The Marriage of Figaro

The catalog aria lists:

Don Giovanni's conquests.

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