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  1. cranky
  2. advanced
  3. estimated
  4. vessels
  5. descendants
  1. a cross or in a bad temper; grouchy
  2. b judged or calculated, as of the value, quality, extent, size or cost of something
  3. c beyond the beginning level; not elementary
  4. d people who come from a particular ancestor
  5. e ships or large boats used to transport or carryover water

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  1. the place were a plant or animal naturally lives and grows
  2. very hungry; starving
  3. very tall buildings
  4. easily broken; delicate
  5. walking in a self-important way

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  1. commotiona nisy disturbance; confusion


  2. positivecontained; was made up


  3. glorious1. A length of historical time. 2. A mark of punctuation at the end of a declarative sentence or abbreviation.


  4. collagea picture made by pasting paper, cloth, metal, and other things in an arrangement on a surface


  5. sanctuarya refuge for wildlife where predators were controlled and hunting is not allowed