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  1. positive
  2. selfish
  3. period
  4. snuffled
  5. commotion
  1. a certain; sure
  2. b thinking only of oneself; putting one is own interest and desires before those of others
  3. c breathing noisily because of partially stop that nasal passages
  4. d 1. A length of historical time. 2. A mark of punctuation at the end of a declarative sentence or abbreviation.
  5. e a nisy disturbance; confusion

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  1. shining or sparkling with the reflected light
  2. beyond the beginning level; not elementary
  3. people who come from a particular ancestor
  4. hit or moved with a quick, light snap
  5. having a sense of harm or danger

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  1. fragileeasily broken; delicate


  2. bumblingpersuading or influencing by mild arguing


  3. swarmslarge groups of insects flying or moving together


  4. consistedcontained; was made up


  5. famishedhit or moved with a quick, light snap