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What is saliva mostly made of?


What does an enzyme do?

It breaks starch into sugar/glucose

How much saliva does a person make per day?

1 liter

Where are the salivary glands located?

Cheeks, front of the ear, and under the tongue

Scientific word for poop


What makes farts?

Gasses created by bacteria

What's another word for fart?

Flatulance / flatulate

The rectum is the last how many inches of the large intestine?

8 inches

What is peristalsis?

When the muscles squeeze to move digested food

What is the bolus?

A nutritional wad of food

What is the main purpose of teeth?

They break food down into easy to swallow pieces using mechanical digestion

What does the stomach start to digest?


What(inside of the stomach)chemically breaks down food?

Hydrocloric acid

What does hydrocloric acid kill?


What do the ridges in the stomach do?

They contract and mechanically break down food

What is the food when it leaves your stomach?

A liquid

What is pyloric sphincter?

A ring of muscle that lets certain amounts of chyme to leave the stomach into the small intestine

What is chyme?

What the hydrocloric turns the bolus into(a liquid)

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