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  1. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
  2. France's first permanent settlement in North America on the St. Lawrence River
  3. conquistador
  4. Cortez
  5. Atahualpa
  1. a leader of the Incas
    defeated by Pizarro
  2. b Quebec
  3. c Spanish conquerors
    wanted to discover wealth & spread Catholicism by force
  4. d defeated the Aztec Empire led by Montezuma
  5. e new world's first official constitution

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  1. searched for the fountain of youth
  2. fleet of 130 ships defeated by the English navy in 1588
  3. English navigator
    worked for Dutch East India Company
    reached New York Harbor & Hudson River
  4. consisted of poor and convicted criminals, who gave 4 to 7 years of their freedom to work in the New World
  5. established Georgia as a colony that was a refuge for debtors and a military outpost

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  1. Duke of YorkTransformed New Amsterdam into New York


  2. Montezumaleader of the Aztecs
    defeated by Cortes


  3. William Penn~Quaker
    ~didn't believe paid clergy were necessary
    ~everyone could know God's will through his or her own "inner light"
    ~established Pennsylvania as a colony


  4. Samuel de Champlainsearched for the fountain of youth


  5. Francisco Pizarrofleet of 130 ships defeated by the English navy in 1588