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  1. Hernando Cortes
  2. taxation without representation
  3. Henry Hudson
  4. Roger Williams
  5. Columbian Exchange
  1. a colonials resented being controlled by a ruler who lived hundreds of miles away especially since they had to pay taxes without anyone representing them in Parliament
  2. b defeated the Aztecs in Mexico
  3. c minister who was banished from Massachusetts
    founded Rhode Island as his own colony
  4. d English navigator
    worked for Dutch East India Company
    reached New York Harbor & Hudson River
  5. e first international trading network
    traded Old World goods for New World goods

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  1. Chinese treasure ship
  2. colony set up by Williams
    religious freedom & separation of church and state
  3. leader of the Incas
    defeated by Pizarro
  4. established the colony of Connecticut using a constitution
  5. actually discovered America
    how America got it's name

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  1. Ponce de Leonsearched for the fountain of youth


  2. Spanish Armadafleet of 130 ships defeated by the English navy in 1588


  3. Cortezleader of the Aztecs
    defeated by Cortes


  4. conquistadorSpanish conquerors
    wanted to discover wealth & spread Catholicism by force


  5. Bride ShipBrought women to the New World