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  1. John Winthrop
  2. Mason Dixon Line
  3. Amerigo Vespucci
  4. Treaty of Tordesillas
  5. Hernando Cortes
  1. a settled conflict between Spain & Portugal
    created the Line of Demarcation
    split the world in half
  2. b first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony
    led the Puritan settlers
  3. c actually discovered America
    how America got it's name
  4. d acted as a resolution to a boundary dispute between Pennsylvania and Maryland
  5. e defeated the Aztecs in Mexico

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  1. established the colony of Connecticut using a constitution
  2. send tobacco Europe in 1612
  3. fleet of 130 ships defeated by the English navy in 1588
  4. searched for the fountain of youth
  5. Brought women to the New World

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  1. John WheelwrightFounded New Hampshire, after being banished by the Puritans


  2. Indentured Servantssearched for the fountain of youth


  3. Duke of YorkTransformed New Amsterdam into New York


  4. Philadelphiais known as the "city of brotherly love"


  5. Cortezdefeated the Aztec Empire led by Montezuma