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  1. Thomas Hooker
  2. taxation without representation
  3. Duke of York
  4. junk ship
  5. John Wheelwright
  1. a Chinese treasure ship
  2. b established the colony of Connecticut using a constitution
  3. c Founded New Hampshire, after being banished by the Puritans
  4. d Transformed New Amsterdam into New York
  5. e colonials resented being controlled by a ruler who lived hundreds of miles away especially since they had to pay taxes without anyone representing them in Parliament

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  1. new world's first official constitution
  2. first European to circumnavigate the globe
  3. Brought women to the New World
  4. leader of the Aztecs
    defeated by Cortes
  5. leader of the Incas
    defeated by Pizarro

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  1. John Rolfesend tobacco Europe in 1612


  2. Cortezdefeated the Aztec Empire led by Montezuma


  3. Spanish Armadaleader of the Incas
    defeated by Pizarro


  4. Roger Williamscolony set up by Williams
    religious freedom & separation of church and state


  5. Francisco Pizarrodefeated the Incas in Peru