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Science Study Guide Ch 2 questions 1-16


A ________ orbits the Sun, is massive enough to be nearly spherical in shape, and has no other large objects in its orbital path.


All eight planets ________ in the same direction.


The closer a planet is to the Sun, the _______ it revolves.

Dwarf planet

________ orbit the Sun and are nearly spherical in shape, but they share their orbital paths with other objects of similar size.


A ___________ is a natural satellite that orbits an object other than a star.


_______ are small, rocky objects that orbit an object the sun.

jupiter & mars

Most know asteroids are in the asteroid belt located between the orbits of ______________.


_________ are small, rocky, icy objects that orbit the Sun.


________ are small, rocky particles that move through space.


When a meteoroid enters Earth's atmosphere, it produces a streak of light called a _______.


A meteoroid becomes a _______ only if it impacts Earth.


The four inner planets are also called the _____ planets.

gas giants

The four outer planets are often called the ______.


The moon seems to shine because it _______ light from the Sun.


The ________ has no wind, water, or plate tectonics.


Large, flat dark areas on the moon are called________.

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