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  1. Delay: Msx2, Runx2 haploinsufficiencies
    Acceleration: FGF, MSX2 activating mutations. twist haploinsufficiency
  2. From monocytes
    Osteoblasts secrete both OPG and RANKL
    OPG binds and inhibits RANKL
    RANKL causes osteoclast maturation
  3. Via sox9.
    Haploinsufficiency leads to dwarfism.
  4. Chondrocyte, osteoblast, osteoclast
    Growth Formation Resorption
  5. Patterning ~> Skeletogenesis ~> Homeostasis
    Dyostoses Dysplasia
    Lethal Lethal 50% population problems

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  1. Jansen blomstrands chrondroplaysiaPTHrP mutation in receptor
    Severe dwarfism.
    But aren't little people soooooo cute?


  2. Cleidocranial dysplasiaRunx2 haploinsufficiency
    osteoblasts don't form and you have weak bones, no clavicle, and gap in skull


  3. Where does bone come from?Chondrocyte, osteoblast, osteoclast
    Growth Formation Resorption


  4. ATF4Regulator of osteocalcin promoter
    activated by RSK2 kinase
    knockout leads to osteogenesis (smaller/thinner bone)
    Without, have trouble importing amino acids (high protein diet can fix)