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List of (most) openers and dress ups

-ly opener

Opener #3 (i.e. Suddenly, she jumped...) Word ends in -ly Watch out for fake ly words! (example: early)

adverbial clause opener

Opener #5 (i.e. If he ran...) (Hint to remember words: This stand for

prepositional phrase opener

#2 (i.e. After the storm...)

subject opener

Normal sentence(i.e. Sally ran.)

-ing/-ed opener

1st word ends in either ing or ed (i.e. Walking noiselessly,)

Very short sentence

Also known as a "VSS" 5 words or less
(i.e. Katie sat quietly.)

dual -ly words

2 ly words in a row (i.e. happily and excitedly...)

who/which clause

Has a who/which clause in the middle of the sentence
(i.e. Hailey, who slept, was not tired.)

invisible who/which

take out the who or the which in a who/which clause

dual verbs

2 verbs (i.e. Bob ran and danced)

quality adjective

Not boring adjective (i.e. shimmery, hot pink earrings)

strong verb

not a boring verb (i.e. strolled instead of walked)

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