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  1. global winds
  2. Temperature
  3. land breeze
  4. latitude
  5. dew point
  1. a The temperature at which condensation begins.
  2. b The average amount of energy of motion in the molecules of a substance
  3. c The flow of air from land to a body of water.
  4. d The distance north or south from the equator, measured in degrees.
  5. e Winds that blow steadily from specific directions over long distances

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  1. The process that occurs when vaporization takes place only on the surface of a liquid; also, the process by which molecules at the surface of a liquid, such as water, absorb enough energy to change to a gaseous state, such as water vapor.
  2. The transfer of heat by movement of currents within a fluid.
  3. A form of energy with wavelengths that are longer than visible light.
  4. A form of energy with wavelengths that are shorter than visible light.
  5. Sea and land breezes over a large region that change direction with the seasons.

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  1. Coriolis effectThe process by which heat is trapped in the atmosphere by water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases that form a "blanket" around the earth


  2. Electromagnetic waveA form of energy that can travel through space.


  3. local windWind that blows over short distances.


  4. ScatteringReflection of light in all directions


  5. stratusClouds that form in flat layers.