7.3 Vocab List

10 terms by noahkipnis

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iterum adv, again; a second time recipio, ere, cepi, ceptus to receive; hold back; retain paene nearly, almost vinco, vincere, vici, victum to conquer, overcome, master, surpass verum but, yet, still, however collega, ae-m- colleauge, partner in office fatalis, e relating to destiny or fate; fated; destined by fate; deadly, fatal; adverb = according to fate pauper, eris poor; scanty or meager nummus, i-m- a piece of money; coin sepultura, ae-f- burial, internment; also the burning of a dead body


adv again; a second time


recipere recepi receptus to receive; hold back; retain


nearly, almost


vincere vici victum to conquer, overcome


but, yet, still, however


collegae m colleauge, partner in office


fatale relating to destiny or fate


pauperis poor; scanty


nummi m a piece of money; coin


sepulturae f burial; also the burning of a dead body

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