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Competency Check - Applied Lab


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Practicum consists of...
100 clock hours, 40 of direct service
Internship 1 and 2 consist of...
600 clock hours of counseling related , 260 direct service
Individual supervision with Richmont
1 hour weekly
Group supervision with Richmont
1.5 hours
Appropriate professional attire at HOPE
Business casual
Six reasons not to see clients at HOPE
Pending legal issues
Court Ordered
Been hospitalized in last 6 months unless under care of psychiatrist
Under age 12
Substance abuse issues unless addictions track
Deemed inappropriate for Master's level student
5 conditions confidentiality broken
suspected child abuse
suspected elder abuse
court ordered to release records
harm to self
harm to others
Refer to pastor of local church...
Those with theological issues recommend to speak to pastor
Responsibility as assigned counselor to communicate...
Call 24 hours in advance to confirm appointment
Longest time away from HOPE center
2 weeks
Weekly supervision responsibility
Bring video recordings to class
Bring paperwork with you that supervision must sign
Follow through with supervisor suggestions
Be on time
Come prepared with questions
Have videos reviewed prior to supervision
Which docs may be taken from Hope Center for supervision
Data Base
Progress notes
Testing profile
Procedure for taking from Center...
sign out from log book and return within one week
What to do to protect confidentiality on forms taking out of center
Use initials
During 1st supervision coached how to present to client so they understand inexperience - supervisor says case is inappropriate for you. How do you tell client
Phone call
15 minute conversation
How to assist with continuity of service
provide at least 3 referrals
Complete data base
Termination summary
How long do you have to complete record of client
After each session on day see client
How lond do you have to complete data base
By third session
Which of following best describes policy on completion of data base #19
D. a&b
Transfer clients complete treatment plan because data base already exists
3rd session - transfers
New client assignment
May be assigned new client as late as 3pm on day scheduled.
What two things do with all client related correspondence
Make a copy for file
Have supervisor sign correspondence (original)
Client sign authorization to release forms which ones copied and forwarded?
Data base
Termination summary